#triggered by contemporary art

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Marco Fusinato, an Australian visual artist and musician/noise guitarist, combines his diverse skill set into producing extremely unique installation pieces. Of certain fascination to me is his series “Aetheric Plexus” – a motion censored sculpture built from large stage equipment, light and sound instruments, which momentarily erupts with every passing audience member.

I have to admit that when I first stumbled across a video of this installation, I could not stop laughing. I am pretty positive that this reaction is completely inappropriate and destroys any possibility of me being one of the College’s mysterious, cool art girls. I just could not tame the thought of forcing someone I hate unknowingly into this atmosphere. Or creating a meme to this video captioned “#triggered,” for a good couple of days which not only tears away any suave perception I hoped to create for myself, but also makes me extremely immature.  

However, I like to think that I redeemed myself by really reflecting about this work for the next two weeks. Let me warn you, it is about to get really deep, really quickly. I began to realize that this equipment, as described on the artist’s website as “associated with spectacle, usually employed to highlight a performer,” has obvious greater meaning. By placing these objects in installation, our life is revealed to be a grand performance. If so, are we merely actors—revealed to be such as we stand under the glaring stage lights? Is Marco Fusinato just some deity imposing a wake-up call vibrating with white noise unto oblivious people full of falsity, scattering along in a self-created society? This would not be the first time that society has been compared to the stage, but for millennials, it is the most meme-worthy and meaningful that we have got, so *claps* to Marco Fusinato.

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Celeste Caldwell is a current sophomore at the College studying Arts Management, Art History, and Studio Arts. Her other on campus involvements include interning at the Halsey, working at the Art History department, and being on staff at Miscellany. A few of her favorite things include photographing her friends, Jackson Pollock, fun pins, coffee, King Krule & Father John Misty, unicorns, Wes Anderson, and patterned socks.

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