Freshman voice: Women’s March? More like human’s march.

Women’s March participants voiced concern over the new president’s sexist comments and other troubling policies (Photo courtesy of Dave Mosher via Business Insider).

“Only equal is enough. Only equal is ever equal,” speaks a sign lifted high above a crowd full of pink hats. For some, it was a breath of fresh air. The sight of a large group of people coming together as one to march for something so simple, equality, was a true light at the end of the tunnel. People from not just the U.S., but all over the world marched for a variety of purposes. A substantial portion of people, saw the march as a direct rebuttal to our new president.

“There was a Women’s March on Washington but reality didn’t show up,” stated Tomi Lahren, creator of the controversial Final Thoughts segment. She called the women that chose to march “snowflakes,” as if they are so dainty and weak from the election of Donald Trump that all they can now do is cry, whine and pitch a fit; a fit called a protest. Lahren also informs her viewers that the way they chose to stand up for their rights was not constructive, that they had some sort of alternative reality.

These women (oh also, men and children) had every right to speak their mind and protest what they felt was wrong. Whether we all agree with the purpose of the march or not, understand this: it did no harm. It was not a waste of time and was extremely constructive. They used their right of free speech to share a message, and that was the purpose.

As I spoke to my roommate and heard more about the march she attended right here in Charleston, I began to hear the variety of different perspectives and the reasons that people supported it. From signs that went so far to say “this pussy bites back” to “make America think again” many were specifically aimed at Donald Trump (some being more vulgar than others.)

Throughout the election, we all grew tired of hearing the horrible things that were plastered on social media about what Trump said, how he treated women and what he planned to do in his presidency. Whether you were a Trump supporter, a Hillary supporter or just someone trying to pick the lesser of the evils, I believe we may all come to the consensus that there were things said on both sides that were morally wrong and terrifying to hear. Maybe some of the signs in the crowds were a bit over the top, but come on. So was the election.

People of all varieties joined and expressed their opinions, not only in Charleston but all over the world. America came together and marched for what was right. They broke free from the comfort zones holding them back and spoke outside the box. That was the purpose of the Women’s March on Washington. Yes, it succeeded, the largest protest in history. A beautiful sight it was indeed.

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