Charleston: there’s an emoji for that

You wake up with a pit in your stomach. With a jolt, you sit up as you remember it is Cougar game day. You grab your phone and try to find the right words to send to your friends. Luckily, the College has given you a way to express your emotion and pass on your school spirit to your friends without words: CofCMOJI.

When you struggle to find the words to describe Charleston: there’s an emoji for that. When you want your friends to be just as excited as you: there’s an emoji for that. When it starts raining: there’s an emoji for that. Craving shrimp and grits? There’s even an emoji for that, too.

The CofCMOJI keyboard is equipped to express all the best College of Charleston inside jokes. When you trip on the sidewalk for the hundredth time, there’s a CofCMOJI for that, too. It is practically Morse code for students to communicate with.

The College-specific keyboard features everyone’s favorite local references. Clyde the Cougar replaces the most popular emoji expressions, from the heart eyes to the sick face. There is no point in using the boring yellow face, Clyde can now cater to all your emotional needs.

Everyone has access to the new emojis, all they need is the free CofCMOJI app. The keyboard came to life after the original emoji app’s maroon paw prints were switched to a neutral black emoji. The College took the change with a grain of salt, and transformed it into an entire keyboard dedicated to everything Charleston.

Aside from campus quirks, the new app features other famous spots in Charleston. Want to meet your friends at the pineapple fountain, but don’t have the energy to type it out? Now you can just send a picture from the CofCMOJI application.  It offers a quick, easy, clever way to communicate with fellow peers.

The app can serve more purpose than just communicating with those in Charleston. It offers an easy way to convince your friends at other universities that College of Charleston is better than theirs- without the trash talk. As soon as you send a personalized collegiate emoji, they are sure to have a hint of jealousy- even if they refuse to show it.

The innovative way to spread College of Charleston pride enables students and staff to interact with one another in a more personalized manner. For those who love Charleston more than words can say, or who experience the daily shuffle daily, there is a fun new way to share your pleasure or pain.

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