Five fantastic ways to destress during midterms

It is that time of the semester when you have to hit the books a little harder in preparation for midterms. While it is important to focus on studying, sometimes a break is necessary to give your brain temporary relief from long hours of cramming and stress. These five activities will help you destress and refresh so that you can tackle midterm season with ease.

Candle Making Workshop

If you are anything like me, candles are essential for relaxation. One of my favorite stores in Charleston is Candlefish. This unique shop holds a series of candle making workshops that you and your friends can enjoy. While fun, this does come at a little bit of a price- ranging from 40-70 dollars, but if you feel like splurging on a girl’s day, this is the place to go! Not only is it a fun way to destress and hang out with your friends, but you also get to make something you can enjoy for weeks to come. If you do not have the time to do an entire workshop, simply browsing the shelves for a new candle can be just as exciting.


Photos by Kylie Warden.

Explore the city

February has already given us loads of beautiful days, so grab a friend and get outside! Walking is a wonderful way to take a break from a long day of studying and clear your mind. If you really feel like going the extra mile, slide into your running shoes for a couple of hours. From the ocean-like smells of the battery to a calming stroll around colonial lake, the Holy City never disappoints when it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Photo by Taylor Flynn.


Having a stressful day? Head over to Carmella’s Dessert Bar on East Bay! With midterms on the horizon, the cozy atmosphere of Carmella’s could be just what you need to unwind. If you are a chocolate lover, dig into their flawless chocolate fudge cake. Over 21? Enjoy one of Carmella’s signature dessert cocktails. A few other delicious dessert shops to try out – Cupcake Down South, King Street Cookies and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

(Photos courtesy of Charleston Food Bloggers via Flickr Creative Commons)


Blow off some steam with a group of friends at The Alley! Bowling is an entertaining way to temporarily distract yourself from the stress that comes from long hours of studying diligently in Addlestone. Rent a lane for an hour and munch on some snacks while you engage in a little friendly competition with your pals.

(Photo courtesy of Ginny via Flickr Creative Commons)

Shop on King

Finally, splurging on that pair of shoes you have been drooling over for the past month can be a wonderful feeling. A little retail therapy is an excellent way to reward yourself for all the hard work you have accomplished. Fortunately, Charleston makes this far too easy for us. Take a break from studying and stroll over to King Street to check out the assortment of stores. Some stores like Madewell even offer a student discount. Leave your books behind for an hour or two and treat yourself!

Photo by Josh Osborne.

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