American boy doll? Cover-boy? The girl world is finally becoming more inclusive

New diverse faces to add to the line. Photo courtesy of American Girl.

Every year on Christmas morning, a younger me waited at the top of the stairs. My legs, restless with excitement, were ready to bolt down the stairs to see what Santa left underneath the tree. I always hoped it would be a new American Girl doll. From historic dolls to “girl of the year,” I did not care. All I wanted was a new friend to add to my imaginative world.

American Girl defies its name

From Kaya, a Native American girl doll of 1764, to Addy Walker, an African American of 1864, American Girl has always strove for diversity. To expand the boundaries further, this month American Girl released their first boy doll. Logan Everett, a drummer, is an aspiring musician trying to make it big in Nashville. In a push for diversity, American Girl truly succeeded with this breakout idea.

Not only is American Girl expanding on gender, but according to a recent press release, the company is also adding two new dolls to the line. Z Yang, a Korean American, and Nanea, a  WWII era native Hawaiian, are game changers for race boundaries. What better way is there to burst the limits of gender roles and race boundaries than starting young? By planting these virtues in children inadvertently through toys, maybe this will help create a more open-minded new generation. Now it can be more than just young girls that can wake up on Christmas morning with the right friend to play with.

James Charles’ talent is our new inspiration. Photo courtesy of Bored Panda.

Cover Girl joins the movement

American Girl is not the only company grasping at the opportunity to change the idea of gender roles. James Charles, a non-celebrity high school senior, is the newest “Cover-boy” for “Covergirl.” A beautiful soul and now up-and-coming model, Charles has become a real life symbol for anyone who stands out from the ordinary.

Defying the roles of gender, Covergirl has found an extraordinary way to bring themselves back to the top of drugstore makeup products. It is not another celebrity endorsement, or a another wack at clump-less mascara, it is just Charles getting to be Charles. He has changed the virtue of beauty and the definition of femininity. Beauty can be for everyone now, thanks to our new Coverboy.

Both American Girl and Covergirl have become game changers. Stereotypes, gender roles and the boundaries of race are finally cracking. It is the big decisions like these that start the roll for an all-inclusive society. This is the beginning of opportunity for every individual to be easy, breezy, beautiful and an American Girl.

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