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Rhapsody in Black: a celebration of black culture

Black History Month originated as a week-long February event designed to encompass both Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays. Since then, the nation has declared the month of February as “Black History Month.” The idea came from historian Carter Woodsen in order to give African Americans the recognition they deserve. It has evolved into a celebration…


North Charleston hosts 2017 CAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

As the nine other members of the Colonial Athletic Association converge on the North Charleston Coliseum for this weekend’s conference tournament, the hosting College of Charleston men’s basketball team look to extend their season-ending four game win streak. “It’s very important to go in with momentum,” said junior guard Cameron Johnson. “During the tournament, anyone…


NASA discovers seven new planets, three within habitable zone

39 light years away inside the Aquarius constellation, at least seven planets orbit an ultra-cool dwarf star star 12 times less massive than our sun. Only slightly larger than Jupiter, the star was discovered by the Spitzer telescope and the TRAPPIST observatory. According to Rebecca Brinch, a sophomore double major in physics and astrophysics, scientists…


Trump rescinds transgender protections

On Feb. 22, President Donald Trump rescinded Obama administration guidelines to protect transgender people and allow them to use the bathroom matching their gender identity nationwide. Obama first enacted these protections in May 2016 after the explosive debate surrounding a North Carolina law forcing transgender students to comply with their birth assigned gender. The Obama…


Beyond the beads

There is no doubt you have adorned metallic purple, gold and green beaded necklaces at some point in your life.  As ubiquitous as these “Mardi Gras” beads have become, the origin behind them is a mystery to most. While many associate the holiday with New Orleans, the first Mardi Gras was celebrated in Mobile, Alabama…

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