Time management do’s and don’ts

I am a busy guy. Then again everyone is in college. No matter who you talk to on campus, you can almost guarantee that they consider themselves busy. But surely not everyone is busy? Therein lies the secret of time management (or not so secret): workload is subjective and time is not real. Remember those two things while I take you through the do’s and don’ts of time management as a college student.

DO: It. As cliché as that sounds, this might be the best piece of advice from the whole article. When an opportunity comes your way, take advantage of it. The problem with this philosophy is that many people do not see opportunities for what they are when they arrive. Did you get an email about an extracurricular program pertaining to your major? Do it. It does not matter if you have to take the time to apply. I promise you have the time to sit down and get that application in. It will only pay off later on rather than hinder you. Do everything you can. Experience life.

DON’T: Make up excuses about how you do not have time. You have time. Unless you are the busiest person in the world, you have time. At this point, you are probably thinking, “This guy does not know my life. I do not have time for anything.” In that case, I implore you to keep an open mind and an open schedule. Just imagine for a second that you do have time. What did you do after you got back to your house from the gym last night? Watched “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix, mindlessly scrolled through Twitter, and stayed up way too late procrastinating an English paper due the next morning. The hardest part about time management is making time.

DO: Make a schedule. If you are serious about taking ahold of your time and being able to do as many things as you want, you should keep a schedule. Think about the busiest people you know. Do they have a schedule? Ask them. I bet you nine out of 10 of them do. You know you are succeeding if you have a packed schedule. Happy people who are in charge of their time have full schedules that contain personally exciting ventures. Instead of showing up late, missing meetings, being fired from a job for absences, or simply being unreliable, you will be punctual and show every organization and/or person that their time matters to you, and you are there because you want to be. This is extremely important and will benefit you tremendously in the future in ways you would have never thought.

DON’T: Say maybe. Maybe is the worst answer you can give anyone. Maybe shows that whatever event someone is asking you to come to is not important enough to make time for, but also, you do not have anything that is really stopping you from going. It is a terrible answer and one that does not make the person who asked you feel good. It is also a cop-out that helps nobody. If you can go or think you might be able to make time for it, say yes. If you know you can not go, say no. It is that simple.

DO: Say yes. I do not want to kill this whole concept, but be like Jim Carey in the “Yes Man.” Say yes to everything. Well, everything, that you might have the possibility of attending. If you are not sure if you can make time for something (you can, just cut out those 40 minutes of daily YouTube), just tell them you will go. The worst thing that can happen is that something comes up and you are forced to cancel. But at least you showed that you wanted to go and tried to make time for the event.

DON’T: Stress over time. No matter how many things you have scheduled or how overwhelmed you feel, everything will work out. Just relax and take each activity with positivity and ease. There is no sense in involving yourself in a large amount of activities if you will be constantly worried and anxious over the time they take up.

This may sound like an odd article for time management considering for most of it I simply encouraged you to make time for new things, but that is what I think time management is all about. The more things you are involved in that take up your time, the more you will not only enjoy each day but also be more adept at managing said time. Enjoy life. Get out there and stay busy!


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