Freshman voice: Why having obsessions is healthy

Nothing is better to me than laying in my bed with good food, good company and Michael Scott making “that’s what she said jokes” on my computer screen. Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with NBC’s “The Office.” I have watched it all the way through, seasons one through nine, at least 30 times. Sometimes people make fun of me, say I need to branch out on my television tastes or tell me it’s “unhealthy,” but I am here to say that having crazy obsessions like this can be good for you.

Everyone has their “things.” From a sports team, to a musical artist, to a favorite movie, all people have that one thing that overwhelmingly interests them. For me, “The Office” can sometimes get me through the day. What is awesome about a favorite TV show is that it stays constant. I have watched this show so many times that I know exactly what is going to happen in every episode. I can even sometimes quote a solid 90 percent of it, and I never grow tired of it. (In fact, I am watching it right now as I write this article.)

Ugh. The classic Michael Scott. Photo credits to Pintrest.

It is one of those shows where I just get so connected to every character. When something happens to the characters, I feel it in a weirdly personal way. If Dwight and Jim’s shenanigans don’t make you laugh, if Jim and Pam’s love story does not warm your heart, if you are not oddly in love with Steve Carrell, we probably have extremely different tastes.

Anytime I am having a bad day, feeling a bit anxious or just need a brain break, I go directly to my computer for some Michael Scott “pick-me-up.” It gives me a good laugh, takes away my stress and, to be honest, sometimes brings me back to being myself. While this all sounds silly, “The Office” gives me joy. If I can have one thing that never changes and consistently makes me smile, then that sounds pretty healthy to me.

Don’t be ashamed of your obsessions

What you enjoy is individual to you. If you do not like “The Office,” that is okay, because everyone has their own individual interests. That is how our society has become this amazing creative hub. With everyone having different backgrounds, we form different interests and ideas. When every human has the opportunity to be an individual, the world becomes an awesome place with an obsession for each person. Whatever people say about the things you love, it does not matter. Having something you love that brings you joy, constantly and continually, is what really matters.

Obsession in moderation

Here is where things can get a bit, out of the ordinary. While having an obsession is healthy, it is only healthy in moderation. If you are infatuated with something, it is always important to ensure that it is not taking over. Life can sometimes zoom past you without even realizing it. Do not let your love for one thing keep you closed to other new ideas or opportunities. If you stay too trapped in your own interests, you may miss something amazing. While my love for “The Office” will never die, I will continue to stay open to the world around me.

“There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things, isn’t that kind of the point?” Pam Halbert:  Season 9 Finale of “The Office”

The dream team. (Photo courtesy of Starcasm on Flickr Creative Commons)


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