ART KIDS: Dylan Gebbia Richards saves me from emo-hipster lifestyle

Lately, I have been catching myself wearing all black get-ups and lingering on dark outdoor porches alone for no apparent reason. I attributed this to the full moon and a change in planets, naturally, however time passed and this was no longer a valid excuse. I was getting REAL angsty and as many of you know, it is a slippery slope many suffer from. Then, a savior in the form of Dylan Gebbia Richards spoke to me and brought me to the psychedelic lights a la Miley Cyrus.  

This recent UC Boulder graduate, complete with a ponytail and skinny jeans, brings a level of funk to art that was lost on me in a sea of minimalism. He skipped the whole starving artist phase I am preparing for and went straight into being a rad creator. What pulled the dementor-like angst figure from the depths of my chest was the discovery of “Eclipse.” This large scale piece surrounds the viewer in a textural world of soaring lime green mountains and flowing hot pink rivers. This abstraction interface was spiritual for me, gotta say. The process involving resin and wax layering creates a three dimensionality which consumes you. Contemporary art often seeks to do so, but Richards found a way to suck you in and simultaneously transport you to a neon wonderland that feels like a Tame Impala daydream. 

While I could keep yammering on about his amazing technique and conceptual depths, the way it made me feel was what is really important. It made me feel young.

We forget that art belongs to our generation too – that we control what the art world will be. As a young person, I often feel like I do not know enough; that I just need to wait to be a more experienced adult before I am worthwhile. But being young is awesome and special, it is a feeling that once gone we won’t be able to get back. Our lives should be colorful – I want to look back on my twenties and say it was a blur of neon, not a monochrome flatline of cigs on side streets. Thanks to Dylan Gebbia Richards for reminding me of this #namaste, go check out his artwork now and save your poor unfortunate soul (!


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Celeste Caldwell is a current sophomore at the College studying Arts Management, Art History, and Studio Arts. Her other on campus involvements include interning at the Halsey, working at the Art History department, and being on staff at Miscellany. A few of her favorite things include photographing her friends, Jackson Pollock, fun pins, coffee, King Krule & Father John Misty, unicorns, Wes Anderson, and patterned socks.

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