Food Truck Friday: alcoholic what?

The Booze Pop Truck during their debut at the Food Truck Festival. (Photo by Kendra Hogdon)

If you have wandered around King or the corner of Calhoun and Meeting Streets any time in the past nine months, you may have come across a special new truck: a place where dessert and alcohol meet. Folks, we have a cross breed! There is an alcoholic popsicle now, and it can be purchased at the local Booze Pop trucks. One of my first questions when buying one of these was the dessert’s legality (but let’s be honest I had to try one regardless of whatever they were going to tell me). Luckily, it’s legal.The Food and Drug Administration approved the product as a food because it is prepackaged and there is no actual pouring or mixing of alcoholic drinks. For this reason it is not considered an open container and the city had to allow it. People of downtown love the truck because they can openly enjoy their booze pop on the street. Even pedicabs are into the treat, and often stop by to let their customers try out the pops. It is the best way to beat the heat.

One of the best parts of the truck is its variety of options. Looking to catch a buzz? The  Slim Chiller Martini Pop, straight out of Las Vegas, is the most alcoholic with a whopping eight percent alcohol content. But maybe you are more of a wine person. The Social Ice Wine Pop hails from Texas, and it weighs in at five percent alcohol content. The team is currently working on new products that they are testing in New York, so keep an eye out for some new options. If you really enjoy the pops you buy them by the case, and the truck will even deliver them. But why stop there? The Booze Pop Truck is available for events as well– that would be one fun birthday party to attend.

The company first popped up on Folly Beach last Fourth of July, after owner Woodrow Norris saw the success of alcoholic popsicles elsewhere. The response was amazing and they were constantly running out of popsicles. They gained downtown momentum as new attendees at this year’s Food Truck Festival, as people were not shy about checking out the unique ice cream truck. They are currently buying their products prepackaged, but are looking into making their own. Norris said making the booze pops is tricky since alcohol does not freeze. The freezers need to be set to very low to maintain their consistency.

So, when can you buy these awesome treats? The trucks can be seen in downtown Charleston on the weekends, or in Summerville around the Knightsville or Ridgeville area on weekdays. If you happen to be lucky enough to catch the truck downtown, they have tables set up for customers to sit and enjoy their popsicles. The truck plays music for everyone to give off the ideal atmosphere for the experience. If you see it, don’t be afraid to run out with your whole family– they have regular, non-alcoholic treats as well.

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