Freshman Voice: The First Week

Welcome back to Freshman Voice! Last year you enjoyed living through Mara McCloy’s freshman experience. Mara is now an experienced sophomore, so Shannon Murray is taking over. Please enjoy as we continue to learn what it is like to be a freshman – embarrassing moments and all. 

It is daunting. It is confusing. It is awkward. It is the first week of your freshman year of college.

You feel like society has catapulted you into a new universe, commonly known as adulthood. You go from being the biggest fish in the pond to a mere tadpole. Locating your new classes and settling into your oh-so spacious dorm room while trying to act like you have it all together is a hard trick to pull off. You see, fear of the unknown has always been a cheap cliché of mine, until everything about my day has become the unknown. These are a few questions that I now ask myself daily.

What do I wear?

A friend and I actually trying to be dressed up. (Shannon Murray)

This classic question is nothing new, but has significantly gotten more difficult to answer. The infamous rush girls have set the standards way too high for appearance – those luscious golden locks, perfect winged eyeliner and beautiful dresses. Here’s the deal: being a girl surrounded by the most beautiful girls in the world is so exhausting. I never cared about what I looked like back in high school, but now I find myself wearing more makeup and skimpier outfits just so I can catch up.

Will I look weird if I eat at the dining hall alone?

God forbid you eat at the dining hall ALONE the first week. You feel like you are getting more stares than that guy wearing the “I pooped today” t-shirt. We all know eating alone with cute guys surrounding you is super-duper intimidating, but you know what? We are just going to have to get over it. It already takes someone with a great amount of confidence to aimlessly look around the dining hall for something you want to eat – not to mention the BIG choice of where to sit without everyone staring daggers at you. Here is the thing, everyone knows you’re not literally friendless. Besides, no one will actually think you are friendless… I promise! Also, if you are still hung up on eating alone, that’s what to-go boxes are for.

Even dining hall food can be Instagrammed. (Shannon Murray)

Where on earth is the freaking Harbor Walk?

No one told me I would have to walk 22 minutes in a heat index of 104 degrees to astronomy. That’s right folks, when I finally finished the long journey to the building, I had sweat dripping down my face and back with several cute sweat stains all over my grey cotton shirt. The good news is, I completely crushed the whole “I have ear buds in listening to music, but I’m actually discreetly listening to maps” thing! They REALLY should have taught us how to use the city bus in high school.

It turns out no matter how many how-to-survive-college YouTube videos you watch, you will never be completely prepared for the first week. It is like the upperclassmen have a pact swearing to not tell us about the everyday hacks, just so we can learn it ourselves. Wow – life is getting super real.

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Shannon Murray is a sophomore communications major with a minor in astronomy. Shannon is CisternYard’s opinions editor, and owns two overweight cats who share the same name. When she isn't doing school work, she can be found shopping at goodwill.

'Freshman Voice: The First Week' have 3 comments

  1. August 29, 2017 @ 7:33 pm Dawn

    Great first article Shannon! Love, love this very real perspective! Keep on writing!


    • August 30, 2017 @ 9:33 am Marcia Murray

      Awesome……did you know your great grand daddy wrote for
      the Walterboro newspaper. Must run in the family


  2. August 30, 2017 @ 6:45 pm Christen Weidner

    You nailed it!! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your 1st week through your eyes!!


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