End of Summer or Endless Summer?

On Sunday Aug. 27, guests of Bay Street Biergarten spoke of the pretzel bombs and the fruity cocktails covering their tables. However, on all their minds was the encroaching darkness that is the end of summer. Bay Street Biergarten decided to laugh in the face of September and throw an “Endless Summer” party, complete with aboveground pool and unicorn float. The party’s atmosphere was light and fun; everyone was out to have one last blowout before becoming responsible adults again.

When asked why “Endless Summer?” John Stanton, the organizer of the event, told me that Endless Summer is a new brand of rum that sponsored the event, hence the clever name – but it goes deeper that that. One of the creators of Endless Summer Rum worked on the original “Endless Summer” poster. Appropriately, this image was the logo for the party. The “Endless Summer” event drew in guests from London, Connecticut and New York, solely for this party. When asked what the purpose of the party was, Stanton said, “We want to make sure people have something fun to do and somewhere to go, especially with football season coming up.”

The ingenious parking lot party pool (Photo by Tom Scerbo)

D.J. Natty Heavy provided the music for the party and misting fans sprayed the guests with cool water to help beat the heat. Though the theme of the party was “Endless Summer,” Stanton said that party was really “to put away the end of summer.”

Bay Street Biergarten is definitely a good place to check out as football season ramps up, with their new frozen drink machines and upcoming 64-inch televisions. The weather was not perfect on Sunday, but the joy in the atmosphere at Bay Street Biergarten was palpable. It was in its own bubble of sunshine.

People have a tendency to celebrate new beginnings, but this party wasn’t about what is to come. Instead, it celebrated the summer season and all the fun collectively had. One guest, who had traveled from Tokyo for the event, said while wading in the pool, “The pool took it to the next level; who thinks of a pool in a parking lot?”



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