Mara Moment: Four Out of Ten

Today you feel like a four out of ten.

On an average day you are a seven.

There is no particular reason you feel this way.

The anxiety builds. It expands into your chest, then up your throat.

You feel cold. You feel alone.

A single tear drops onto your goosebumped skin.

Now you feel like a two.

You cannot let yourself get to a one.

Steps to surpassing a four:


You let your mind think. You grab your journal. You write down everything – even the things that make more tears flow. You let every emotion out onto the paper. Every nook and cranny of your cramped mind should explode through your pen. Then you take a deep breath, and you read it.

Those were your thoughts then, but now they are on the paper, no longer trapped.

You feel like a three.


You stand and slowly open your blinds. You peer outside to find light. You open the window and breath the fresh air. That one gasp begs you to feel more.

You put on your shoes and step outside. You walk a bit, paying close attention to all the details. You watch the way the leaves move, and count your steps as you listen to the sound of your feet on the pavement and the animals rustling.

A smile forms.

You feel like a four.

A beautiful place for a boost. (Mara McCloy).


You eat something you love, no matter how your insides feel. You call a friend, but not to discuss your feelings, those are in the journal. You call her to catch up and hear about her day.

She makes you laugh and you make plans.

You feel like a 5.


You get yourself ready. You wash your face and brush your teeth. You pick out an outfit you know makes you feel good about yourself. You look in the mirror and you tell her she is beautiful.

You laugh because you realize you are talking to yourself, but you remember that your mom always says, “as long as you don’t answer yourself it’s not weird.”

You miss her…

…but you feel like a 6.


You turn on your playlist. The one you made full of songs that bring you positive thoughts –  those songs that make you feel relaxed and whole. The words settle your mind and remind you of the things in life that make you feel blessed. They make you smile and laugh on your own.

“Sounds like Hallelujah” by “the Head and the Heart” plays.

You feel like a 7…maybe even an 8.

Satisfied, you grab your keys, and walk out the door, not a care in the world.

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