Why “Hurrications” Make the Best Vacations

Maybe you went to Clemson, USC or other universities to hang out with friends to experience a new college lifestyle.

Maybe you traveled back home, chilled with friends and family, caught up on rest, and visited all the local spots you missed.

Maybe you and your best friend went on a spontaneous road trip to adventure through breathtaking mountains, roam the streets of Asheville and take time to replenish your soul and focus on yourself (which I highly recommend).

A beautiful sunset from my trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. (Raegan Whiteside)

Or maybe you just stayed put in Charleston, weathering the storm while being the plug for hurricane updates for your evacuated peers.

Regardless of what you decided to do for the evacuation, there is no doubt that the hurricane brings a lot of rain and a lot of unforgettable memories.


Yes, the worries of your city’s safety and whether or not your teachers will require homework or change the course schedule will be nagging your mind throughout the evacuation. Despite these worries, however, you let go of the fear and anxiety and instead enjoy the free time that the evacuation has gifted to you.

Something about last minute plans, not having a set schedule, and not knowing when your tiny vacation is going to end is exciting and thrilling while at the same time relaxing and rejuvenating. There are no expectations. You get to break the constructs of vacation by having a large break in the middle of the year while (jealous) friends and family still have to carry on as normal. Let’s not forget all the messages and calls you get from your curious and concerned family and friends who want to know if you’re okay and safe during the storm. While it may sound bad to get giddy over other people’s uneasiness, it’s always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when someone texts me making sure I’m safe. Knowing that people are worried about you is something that you can never get enough of and something that never gets old. Even if you don’t want to admit it.

Off the edge of Craggy Pinacle off the Blue Ridge Parkway. (Raegan Whiteside)

Nonetheless, it is nerve-racking to be evacuated from your home and not know what it is going to happen next. It is stressful having to find a place to take refuge last minute and not knowing for how long. It is expensive having to find a hotel, plane ticket, or just get groceries and essentials to prepare your house and selves for a hurricane…but sometimes it’s better to look past all the bad and focus on the positivity you have the opportunity to experience.

So next time a hurricane comes knocking on our door down here in Charleston, which is no doubt bound to happen again, don’t give the storm what it wants. Don’t let it ruin your fun. Let it be an opportunity to go adventure, experience something new, or simply catch up on rest, reading, or homework, just do not forget to keep the cities and people truly affected by the storm in your thoughts

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