Maybe it is Time for an Independent White House

Most Americans are familiar with the two political parties that occupy the majority of American Politics. They tend to be a second thought to us as citizens, since that’s all we’ve known in our lifetimes. At the end of August, a CNN report came out about conversations between Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, Republican, and Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, Democrat, discussing an independent third party unity ticket for 2020. This means two people from both parties would be running for a unified presidential administration against the two major parties themselves.

A New Vision of an Independent Presidency

Kasich and Hickenlooper were out doing interviews together on their own proposed Healthcare bill and it was a stark picture to look at. A Republican and a Democrat working together side by side trying to sell the bill, were actually complimenting each other while on air. I am tired of all the political shouting matches we tend to see on the news. These two men are trying something different and unique, especially for this point in our history. Regardless of your own party, it’s just a fact that the political dialogue has gotten worse under this president, as well as the last one. America is guilty of falling for the loudest voices or shiniest politicians while then ignoring the more “boring” figures who actually have backgrounds in running government.

John Kasich speaking at CPAC 2016. Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

Of course a lot of people reading this will think that Kasich and Hickenlooper are also “boring.” They aren’t people who grab your eye, fit your perfect picture of a Left or Right candidate or will offer you everything you ever wanted from the government. Here is an actual piece of honesty, it would not be totally perfect, but there has been nothing over the last 20 years proving to me that these major parties are getting any better. Both Liberals and Conservatives would get a chance under an independent presidency to actually debate legitimate ideas from both sides respectfully. Imagine a president and a vice president debating about immigration from different sides, but doing so without insults and twitter rants. This would be something that Americans would find fresh in national politics.

A New American Mindset

As Americans, regardless of political views, we have kept doing the same thing year after year while expecting different results. We huddle in political groups voting for the same people, each time acting like it will magically change the country. We instead need to realize true change lies in working with the opposite side and pushing toward common goals. As a whole, we are letting what divides us to define our nation instead of what we have in common. These are all things an independent presidency could help greatly with. It might be a big change, but it is something our nation needs sooner rather than later.

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