Five Motivational Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

The United States is changing, and not necessarily for the better. Neo-Nazis defended by our president run rampant, global warming continues to try and warn us of her dangers through continuous forest fires and hurricanes and minorities still struggle to gain the recognition they deserve. You may feel hopeless about our current state of affairs, but there is a light. It is right in your hand. In this little listicle, I am going to share with you five of the most motivational celebrity Instagram accounts that you should follow to keep yourself both woke and inspired.


(Photo courtesy of @hereisgina on Instagram)

 1. Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina)

Gina Rodriguez is an actress most famous for her role as Jane on Jane the Virgin. However, she uses her Instagram as a platform for feminism. She has a recurring photo series called #MovementMondays where she posts pictures of famous women, whose professions range from actors to comics to directors. She gives a brief biography of each celebrity as well as a quote from them and a shout out to their newest work. If you want to learn more about prominent and powerful women, you should definitely follow her.





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2. Justin Baldoni (@justinbaldoni)

Justin Baldoni is an actor also most well known for his part in Jane the Virgin as Rafael. While Gina’s Instagram is used to empower women, Justin uses his to “redefine masculinity” as he states in his bio. Photos of him and his family are sprawled throughout his page with thoughtful captions about his worries as a father as well as reaction posts to important political events. He is also creating a new men’s talk show called The Men’s Room where he plans to help shatter male stereotypes.





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 3. Nathaniel Buzolic (@natebuzz)

Nathaniel Buzolic is an actor known for his role as Kol on The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals. Since his departure from the show, he now works as a photographer. Buzolic posts pictures from around the world, specifically in the Middle East, and discusses serious issues regarding the place in each picture. Buzolic is Christian and often uses quotes from the Bible as his captions. Even when people are hateful in the comments, he addresses them with nothing but love and shows what true Christianity is. He also is an avid supporter of the End It Movement, which fights to raise awareness and end slavery throughout the world.





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 4. Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio)

As many of you well know, Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous actor who has been in a number of movies including Django Unchained, Titanic, and Inception to name a few. DiCaprio uses his fame on social media to discuss important environmental issues. His posts range from charities aimed at ending the ivory trade and slaughter of elephants to statistics about the benefits of switching to clean energy. Every post that graces his feed is involved with either protecting the environment, animals or people. DiCaprio makes a point to show how climate change affects people who are otherwise not heard of or underrepresented, such as those in third-world countries or Native Americans.





(Photo courtesy of @misha on Instagram)

 5. Misha Collins (@misha)

Misha Collins is an actor who plays Castiel on the television show Supernatural. Many of his Instagram posts are about his children and ridiculous things they either say or do, but, once a year, he hosts a competition called GISHWES. GISHWES stands for “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen” and all the money it raises goes to a charity called Random Acts. Random Acts was founded by Collins and raises money to complete random acts of kindness including financing the building of new structures for Catty Shack Sanctuary, a large feline sanctuary in Florida, and paying for a field trip to a local zoo. He also posts about other charities such as Be The Clarence, which sells t-shirts to help Earthjustice, an environmental charity.

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