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If you know me, you know that I absolutely live for eyebrows. I admire them every chance I get. They are the first thing I notice when I meet people. They’re the only thing I notice when I take a selfie. I have unofficially made December, “Eyebrow Appreciation Month”. My Instagram name is admire_myeyebrows, for crying out loud. I love eyebrows and on the rare occasion that I hand out a compliment, it is most likely for your eyebrows.

I have high regards for flawlessly arched brows, I could stare for hours, appreciating the precision. Naturally bushy brows are rather amazing as well. Touching a bushy brow instantly puts me in a good mood; it feels like petting a cat. However, the one thing I can’t stand is a sparse, over-plucked brow. What can I say? I like them thick.

Sadly, all my life I have had the same sparse, nearly nonexistent brows that I so despise. They are practically invisible; I might as well shave them off. For the longest time, I had been appreciating everyone else’s eyebrows, but never my own. That hurts, but what hurts even more is that I never did a single thing to harm them. I have never shaved them, never plucked them. I just let them live their lives and for some reason they refuse to grow. They have looked exactly like this since I was born. Why can’t I have thick and wonderful eyebrows like those I admire?

Finally, I decided I was fed up with my natural brows. I watched countless tutorials on YouTube, bought several eyebrow pencils and spent hours learning to draw the perfect brow. Although, I had never worn makeup a day in my life, filling in my eyebrows was basically like coloring a picture and I got the basic concept down in no time. Making them even was a different story. Fixing my brows would take forever in the morning, causing me to miss my bus to school frequently. “Either I go with eyebrows or I don’t go at all” was basically my motto.

My eyebrows are my best friends and I never leave home without them. It has been almost two years since I began filling them in and I can still count the times I have been out in public without eyebrows on one hand. Very few people know what my eyebrows really look like and that is the way I plan to keep it. Finally, I have eyebrows that others admire; why would I want to ruin the illusion for them?

Most importantly, I have eyebrows that I admire. This has been my dream since I was 15. I am finally living it and could not be happier.

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