Peace Jam 2017

An array of yellow, green, red and orange spotlights cast themselves onto the black floor, revealing tinydust specks floating around the airy barn. The stage is set, awaiting its first performers. The bar is stocked and the bouncers find their way to the front to open the doors. Little by little, people begin to file through the double green doors in anticipation of celebrating International Peace Day.

Peace Jam performers in action. (Photo by Grace Samuelson.)

On Friday September 22, the second annual Peace Jam welcomed attendees of all ages. Peace Jam is an opportunity for people to relax and have a good time. Bands from blues to reggae to rock have the chance to take the stage and play to celebrate peace. People dance to their own beat, alone or with those standing around them. At Peace Jam, it does not matter what you do or look like. It is all about recognizing the International Day of Peace.

In 2016 the Branch of Peace Foundation worked with the city of Charleston to recognize the International Day of Peace. As result of these efforts, the mayor signed a proclamation recognizing this day as a Day of Peace in Charleston. To commemorate, Music Farm created Peace Jam as an annual tradition.

Peace Jam poster promoting the event. (Photo by Grace Samuelson.)

With their various types of large drums and dynamic members, the Taiko Drum group was a crowd favorite. Taiko is a dynamic music form that incorporates martial arts, dance and percussion. Through each element, the audience was delivered an unforgettable experience that kept every member of the crowd on their toes. People sway back and forth to the music, bouncing to the beat of diverse music and good vibes. Whitehall, a local Charleston band, closed out the show. While every other group set an easy-to-dance-to, “chill” tone, Whitehall got the crowd hyped up and singing along.

An affordable student discount and the prospect of a fun night with friends attracted many college students to the event. Peace Jam welcomes everyone celebrates a good cause. For one night of the year, a room chock full of different types of people of all ages can come together for one purpose: peace. With positive vibes and good people comes good times. While Music Farm has all kinds of events filtering in and out of its doors, for one night it can put aside the fast-paced environment to take a deep breath along with the audience and enjoy some good peaceful music.


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