That Isn’t Feminism

I’m a woman who doesn’t always support my fellow women. I didn’t vote for Hillary in the Democratic General Election (thanks to Bernie Sanders). I constantly argue with my female friends about their choices. Sometimes, I support a male student’s work over a female student’s, because I simply believe he did a better job. Yet, I still consider myself to be a feminist, as I do hold the belief that women are equal to men and should have access to the same opportunities. However, certain individuals would disagree with the fact that I’m defined as a feminist, believing that the only path to becoming a supporter of women’s rights is complete and unwavering support of all women – that’s just not feminism.

Being Female Doesn’t Make You Better.

Recently, I’ve noticed that feminism is no longer about equality, but centered on women being better – that’s not what we’re fighting for. Feminism started because, as women, we wanted to have the same exact opportunities our male counterparts had. The fight for equality is far from over. Having certain subsections of feminism focusing on wanting more privileges than men, such as getting jobs they’re not qualified for or having access to more resources than men is not helping our fight. In fact, it’s making our male allies less likely to assist us. The more it becomes an us vs. them battle, the more we become what we’re trying to fight against – people who believe that our gender somehow affects our capabilities.

Being Female Doesn’t Make You Right.

Certain feminists think that it’s only possible to identify as a feminist if you support every single woman you come into contact with. That is ludicrous. The idea that just because you’re a woman I have to agree with you is short-sighted. There’s something to be said about not hating on fellow women simply because they’re female but I don’t have to agree with you just because you share my gender. The fact that we’re both ladies doesn’t automatically mean we have the same morals, character or even thought-process. This argument basically says that as women we’re all the same, which is stupid. We, like our male counterparts, are a mixed bag of people who aren’t always going to agree on everything. Stop trying to say that to be a feminist I have to support women who I share nothing with – I don’t.

What Feminism Means to Me.

So if feminism isn’t any of the things I’ve stated above, what is it? For me, feminism is a fight to be seen completely equal to men. It’s getting the opportunity to apply for the same job as a male co-worker and not being put at the bottom of the pile simply for my gender. It’s coming to grips with my history as a woman and making it my mission to make sure the world doesn’t take steps back. It’s ensuring that my future daughters and granddaughters don’t consider their gender when they’re not chosen for something. Feminism should be focused on the fight for equality, not being superior or correct — that’s a goal we should remain focused on, as it’s the most important.

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