SondorBlue: The Road Trip of a Lifetime

SondorBlue band members at one of their many tour destinations (Photo by DJ Pierce Photography.)

If you’ve been a student at the College of Charleston for more than a few weeks, chances are you’ve heard of SondorBlue. They’ve been playing shows around Charleston for three years and have gained a substantial following. Last year on October 30, 2016, SondorBlue released their first EP entitled “Realometer.” The EP featured four of their most well known songs, including “The Moon and You,” “More Than Reality,” “Linger,” and “Extra! Extra! (What’s Going On?).” 

Sondorblue began with a chance meeting at Dolphinhead, located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Andrew Halley, who would later become the lead singer and base player of SondorBlue, and his sister were playing a pickup game of basketball. Connor Hollifield, the lead guitar player of the band, happened to be in the same game. Halley’s sister accidentally poked Hollifield in the eye, and a conversation about music struck up between the two boys. Eventually the two wrote a song together, and such was the beginning of SondorBlue.

The EP release show was SondorBlue’s first time playing at Charleston’s Music Farm, a coveted venue for many artists, local or not. “It was really scary with that show being our first time playing the Farm, and I don’t know if we were completely prepared for it,” said Halley. By the time the Music Farm show rolled around last year, the guys were so stressed out and bogged down by the turmoil of actually doing all the work behind it that Halley doesn’t feel that they fully enjoyed the experience.  

They’re about to get a second chance, though. They’re getting ready to release their second EP on Oct. 13, 2017 and are planning another show at the Music Farm for Oct. 20. “This is definitely going to be the biggest show we’ve ever done in terms of showmanship. We’re really excited to let everyone know how much we’ve grown and matured as a band in this last year,” Halley said.

Something very evident about this band when you see them perform together is the deep connection they all share. “It’s like the more we experience together, the better we get along. John [Sheehan, who plays guitar and keyboards] likes to say that we’re all on the same wave length. We have a collective ego,” said Halley. 

The families of the boys of SondorBlue have been incredibly supportive of them. “Thank you families for being awesome,”  Halley said. The more success they obtain, the more relatives outside their immediate family circles are showing interest in what’s going on.

SondorBlue is participating in their first East Coast tour – playing shows from New York City all the way to Key West, Florida. Halley said that the band is really enjoying tour life, keeping it light and having adventures along the way.

“It’s cheesy to call it an adventure, but it really is,” said Halley. “We’re always going, you know, and meeting all these characters who are now part of our story.”

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