ART KIDS: Taylor Moody

Meet real-life College of Charleston ART KID, Taylor Moody.

“Hopefully people will think I’m cool and not…. weird.”

Taylor Moody, CofC ’19

You can find Moody in Kudu sketching mountains while wearing her self-described “little boy pants” with her neat blonde hair tucked beneath a Persian rug bandana. She characterizes her vibe as “too afraid to be edgy, small, and colorful.”

While I think the descriptors, small and colorful, are easily applied to her beautifully quirky art, so is insightful. One of the best parts about following her artistic journey (whether that be in collage, embroidery, photography, clay-making, printmaking, or mixed media drawings) is discovering her new insights on different subjects. She finds beauty in ordinary things that normally go unnoticed. Spending time with her makes you realize how much you have failed to see.

mixed media on paper

Her most recent obsession is….(pause for dramatic effect)…. hands. We all have them and most people think theirs are weird. For example, mine are really small and my friends think it is a great party anecdote to mock my “baby hands.” But Moody sits across from me wearing hand earrings. She started including them as a primary subject across media after getting a stick and poke tattoo of an elegantly placed open hand on her arm. She came up with this image after searching for a way to convey the Local Natives lyrics, “Am I giving enough?” Her ability to transform this meaningful sentiment into a rad tattoo, compelling sketches, and bold mixed media works makes me realize the symbolism in everyone’s hands and the power they hold to do good, no matter how small.

These words, “Am I giving enough?” ring in her ears as she, like all of us studio art majors, look for answers about what to do with her future by reflecting on her past.

Moody’s roots are in Spartanburg, where she grew up with a composer/jazz pianist dad and an orchestra teacher/violinist Mom (which explains how she knows every indie song that comes on in Kudu). Even amongst all this art at home, she found herself hating her small town until she discovered a nonprofit, HUB-BUB, which brought art and cultural events to Spartanburg. Here, she found a community and began to love a place she once wished to get out of. Now, she finds herself interning at Redux with the goal of continuing work for an organization which gives to the community, making it a place people love to call home.

But before she fully launches herself into a career in the art world, she wants to focus on developing her personal artistic vision in both her music and her artistic practice, whether that be playing Angel Olsen covers on her new electric guitar or conquering the world of fiber arts.

Meanwhile, I think it is safe to say that we will all be waiting and stalking her new art Instagram account @moodyartthings to see what this extremely cool chica does next.


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