Freshman Voice: Going to a Concert Sober

You know that feeling where things can’t get any better than they are right now? That song, that moment, that feeling, as cliché as it is, we have all felt it. Some may call it euphoria and others may call it a good time – that feeling where everything is right where is should be; perfect in time.

That was my expectation before arriving to see one of my favorite bands – Stop Light Observations. A local indie rock group that I had been listening to for years. I thought the concert was just going to be college students jumping and singing but what I didn’t know was that my two friends and I were part of a small percentage of people who weren’t drunk.

The fight

The night started out full of excitement, but before the concert even started we noticed that there was a group of intoxicated girls dancing all over each other. The situation started getting bad when the openers began to play. The girls were bumping into everyone, screaming and causing a scene. One casual concert goer beside my friends and I had enough of it—let’s call her Sarah. She started pushing the girls and cursing at them, so naturally the girls stole Sarah’s hat and ran off. That tipped her over the edge and a full-on bar fight started to break loose. Hair pulling, slapping, guys pulling girls off each other — the whole shebang. Sarah started crying so we moved her to a place where she could enjoy her night. Meanwhile, the other girls didn’t get kicked out, even after many complaints to security.

Being silly before the concert. (Shannon Murray)

The men

Probably 80% of the men were drunk, sweaty and looking for a girl to take home. This one guy, let’s call him Dan, decided he was going to make it his job to “protect” us. While the fight happened, he was making out with a girl partly in the fight and then proceeded to tell security that he broke it up. He was there by himself, and we genuinely couldn’t figure out if he was under the influence of something or just plain stupid. He did not know any of the words to any of the songs and moved his lips to act like he did… all while standing next to us and smiling the whole entire concert — not a happy smile, but a creepy confused smile. He did protect us though, since none of the girls bothered us for the rest of the night.

The night was eventful and ended up being super fun, but it is interesting to think about how it would have been different if no one was drinking. Did they have more fun because they were drunk? Most were definitely blind to the chaos, but I think it’s safe to say everyone had fun—just different types of fun.

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Shannon Murray is a sophomore communications major with a minor in astronomy. Shannon is CisternYard’s opinions editor, and owns two overweight cats who share the same name. When she isn't doing school work, she can be found shopping at goodwill.

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  1. October 12, 2017 @ 6:32 am Nanny

    So proud of you, love you, Nanny


  2. October 18, 2017 @ 11:01 am Marcia Murray

    Good article with a very good question? I would love to know how you came up with those
    names…LOL Hang in there girl we are loving what you’re writing….


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