How I Met My Twin

My biggest fear of college was not failing my classes, it was not getting lost, it was making new friends. I often describe myself as antisocial and introverted, not because it is relatable or cool, but because I really do not care to spontaneously spark conversations with relative strangers nor do I like making new friends. The ones I have are perfectly fine. Or I guess they were.

My high school best friend, Ada, and I.

Now they are hundreds of miles away and even though I can still talk to them I can not hang out, grab lunch, or go shopping with them. What will I do when I am bored? I knew the only solution was to make at least one friend or else I would achieve a level of loneliness not yet encountered.

On move-in day I made friendship my mission. I expected maybe my roommate or one of my suitemates to be my first friend, but all of them spent the rest of the day with their families. Meanwhile, I was all alone because my parents had to leave soon after getting me settled in. Because I was antisocial I did not visit any of my neighbors or try to meet anyone new. Instead, I visited my old friend, Chick-fil-a. I then walked back to my dorm just in time for a floor meeting, where I sat beside the girl who would soon after become my best friend. After the meeting, I retired to my room alone and called one of my old friends because I was feeling lonely and did not know what else to do.

My stuffed elephant, Ethan, who’s always there for me when I have no one else.

Later that evening, the RAs in my dorm threw an ice cream social to get the new residents of McConnell to mingle. I saw this as my last opportunity to at least make an acquaintance. Just as I was headed towards the stairs to go to the social, one of the RAs walked out of her room and I thought to myself, “Go make friends with her, that is what she is here for right?” I asked to join her as two other girls followed her out, one of which was the girl I had sat beside just an hour ago, but not surprisingly I did not remember this at the time. I headed downstairs with them and we got ice cream and talked on and off for awhile. After that less than exciting affair, I went back to my room still friendless and with only a vague idea of the names of the girls I had stood around with for half an hour.

My twin and I taking shelter from the rain.

I am going to fast forward over all the other loner parts now because I am sure you get it. To summarize those following days, I ran into that girl from that meeting a lot, finally remembered her name and then something unprecedented happened; we became extremely close rather quickly. It felt like I had known her forever and I found myself rapidly losing all my inhibitions when I was with her. Somehow, within the first week of college, I had managed to find my best friend; what makes this story even more unbelievable is that she turned out to be my twin!

I had only known this chick for only a few days and then out of the blue she chops off most of her hair, crediting me as her inspiration. I did not think much of it, but it had some surprising effects. That day as we were walking together, somebody asked us if we were twins and we just went with it. Honestly, it was a little weird at first and we did not quite get why everyone thought this. We just happened to both be dark-skinned, average height girls with glasses and it seemed that now that we had similar hair. That was enough to make us twins? As we started hanging out more, we began to see how alike our preferences and personalities were and realized we really could be twins, so we ran with the idea. We made it our trademark, telling anyone who asked that we were, in fact, blood-related and fabricated false backstories for ourselves. Obviously, we have a few differences, like facial structure and body type, but they are not distinct enough to ruin our charade.

Extraordinarily, with just a few snips of some scissors I had gotten that sister I had always wished for when I was seven and thanked God I didn’t have when I was 13. Finally, after 18 years of being an only child, I was blessed with a twin.



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