Senior Spotlight: Krissy Mummey Has the Heart of a Lion

Charleston has always been known for its charm and hospitality. With its beaches, tourist-friendly landmarks and numerous things to see and do it truly is the jewel of South Carolina. This is what drew Krissy Mummey from her home in Hudson, Ohio to the Holy City.  That, and the welcoming coaches at the College of Charleston.

The volleyball program has everything a promising player like Mummey could want from past success that promised a well-run team, to players that were ready to take her in as a member of their family.

Despite the crushed records and titles that decorate her college career, Mummey wasn’t always the star player.

“I decided in seventh grade [to play volleyball]. I couldn’t even get my serve over the net.”

Mummey came from a family of basketball enthusiasts — her mother and her sister staring in collegiate basketball. Longing for a sport of her own to shine in, Mummey tried many different sports.

Because both Mummey’s parents are tall, she was destined for the towering stature she poses. At 6’3″ her height is a definite advantage in volleyball. Her mother had also tried volleyball when she was younger but hadn’t taken it seriously. Krissy developed a love for the sport all on her own.

Other than size, a player benefits from the relationship they have with a good head coach and Mummey has had the privilege of working with head coach Jason Kepner all four years of her college career. Kepner has been the head coach at the College of Charleston for 11 years and has posted an overall record of 237-93.

“What’s really cool about him is that he is so knowledgeable about the game,” Mummey praised. “I’ve never had a more experienced and helpful coach but more importantly, he really cares about us as people as well.”

“He really understands what we’re going through as student-athletes and how busy we can be. He just takes care of us even after we graduate and that has been instilled in me. I know I will repay people who influenced me later on in my life,” Mummey continued.

Mummey recalls learning more about the life lessons that Kepner taught her than anything about volleyball.

Every scared little freshman remembers the upperclassmen that took them under their wing and served as an inspiration to them. For Mummey former College of Charleston player, Melissa Morello, was and continues to be her inspiration and a player she models herself after.

“She was an amazing captain and an amazing leader and I try to be a lot like her in my leadership skills and how I handle problems on the team. Not only was she a great leader on the court and amazing numbers-wise, but she always had the best attitude and she cared a lot about the younger girls.”

Clearly, Mummey entered a family in the College of Charleston and that helped her become the fantastic player she is today.

As a senior, Mummey has carried on the leadership role, making the freshman on the team feel welcome, and helping to train the juniors behind her so that they will be ready to carry the duty of leading the team after she graduates.

She sees this opportunity as a privilege rather than a responsibility. She stated that even the smallest act can make an impression on a player, the team as a whole and even the entire program for years to come — from giving tips to a struggling player or even helping a freshman who’s feeling homesick.

Through her four year career at the College of Charleston, Mummey’s had some great moments but none of them tops beating Alabama in 2015.

“When we beat Alabama my sophomore year,” Mummey said, “It was just really cool. It was at Alabama and it was a big SEC team and my parents were there watching. It was really cool to beat such a big-time team,” she continued.

Another amazing moment in this her career was being named CAA offensive player of the week after the Cougars crushing wins against Townson and Delaware.

“Sometimes it’s so hard to accept a title like this because I know volleyball isn’t a one-man show,” Mummey explained. “It’s honestly every other one of my teammates who made that happen. I can’t be set as a middle hitter unless our pass wasn’t good or our digs don’t get to where they should be. Every time I get a kill I look behind me and tell everyone, ‘good job guys’ because I know it’s more than just me,” Mummey said.

Mummey plans to have more fantastic moments for the rest of the season as she has big goals for the team as well as herself. With the College of Charleston currently sitting second in the CAA, she hopes to win the conference and score a spot in the NCAA tournament.

Though her future as a volleyball player is unclear, this is certain – she’s a fighter. One thing holds true, for a player like Mummey who has the heart of a true volleyball player, she will never stop looking for an opportunity to play.

“I know I am for sure going to at least play in some leagues out of college whether they are serious or not because I can’t really get rid of the game just yet.”

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