The Bearded Cafe: Spring Street’s Secret Spot

The inviting entrance of the Bearded Cafe (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

A slender red brick building sits independently on a street lined with short strip malls and beaten down houses. Everything about its surroundings is cold, but the warmth of the green awning draws large crowds through the doors that only allow enough room for about five people. On the other side of the doors sits a small counter with a back drop of a rustic menu constructed out of grey slabs of wood and bags of King Bean coffee. The walls are full of pictures and coffee paraphernalia and only four chairs find themselves inside the building.

Not every coffee shop is intended for people to gather and talk for hours on end. No eager college students sit at desks pounding out papers and reading for abnormal chunks of time. Barely anyone lingers after their coffee has been made. The Bearded Cafe is intended for people on the go. Although its Spring Street location is a long walk from downtown, the store offers up some of the cheapest coffee prices on the peninsula. The Caramel Moostache Mocha is a house specialty, complete with coffee, caramel and chocolate, topped with whipped cream.

An example of the delicious drinks the Bearded Cafe makes (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

The Bearded Cafe aims to use their small space efficiently to make the “best coffee drinks ever.” With a rich blend between flavoring and the coffee bean, one sip of a Bearded Cafe latte shocks your taste buds, exemplifying what good coffee should taste like.

Excellent coffee isn’t complete without excellent service. Each employee of the Bearded Cafe is ready to accommodate any coffee request, staying true to making the best coffee with each specialty drink. To top it all off, all employees have beards.

The Bearded Cafe coffee bar backdrop (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

While it isn’t a typical Charleston coffee shop with open space to relax or study with friends, it offers its own type of charm. A back patio and a few indoor seats allow a chance to sit back and relax with your coffee for a few sips. The Bearded Cafe offers a unique “grab & go” coffee experience and service with a smile. The quaint ambience is sure to make any customer smile, whether an avid coffee drinker or someone just looking for a morning cup of joe. Open daily from 8am-12pm, the Bearded Cafe is a destination that should make any coffee shop bucket list.

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