Two Broken Plates: A Balancing Act

Everyone has a certain mindset about what school is going to be like. Some think it will be an endless flow of parties while others think it will challenge intellectual expansion. The catch is it’s both and balancing the two together isn’t easy – at least for me. Since coming to the College seven weeks ago, I’m really struggling with both. It’s becoming an issue where I don’t feel as if my priorities are straight but I’m also not sure what my priorities are.

School is Why I’m Here

I’m aware my parents don’t pay twenty-thousand dollars per year for me to party. I know my schooling is what’s going to lead to a career. I’m not stupid but I also know that the first two weeks while I was here, exclusively focusing on school, I was so close to dropping out. School is important but it’s also what I’ve focused my entire life on – getting the grades so I could go to college. Now that I’m finally here, I want my life to revolve less around simply being a perfect student and more around creating memories — ones that’ll last a lifetime.

A Social Life is Equally as Essential

Every time I complain about having to juggle everything I currently am, from my sorority to CisternYard to classes, I get told to drop something or that I didn’t need to do it all. The thing is I do; as I mentioned previously. I was so close to dropping out of the College because I felt like I didn’t have a place here. Now that I’m involved in so much, I finally feel like I’m getting that college experience — the one I worked so hard at technical school for. I didn’t want to blink and realize that I had made no friends and no memories when you only (hopefully) get to do your Undergraduate degree once. I want more than that.

Something has to Change

I’m sitting in the library, at 1:45 AM, working on my Cistern Yard article and my Spanish homework. I have a nine AM tomorrow morning, I have a paper due tomorrow afternoon that I haven’t started and I’m so tired from dance practice for my sorority. That’s not to blame anyone or anything, this is all my doing. I’m the one who chose to go out over the weekend, I’m the one who made the decision to get involved in so many things and I’m the one who is probably not going to get any sleep tonight. This is the life I chose and it’s all mine but something is going to have to give. I cannot keep up with these late nights, this constant running from place to place, or this stress of this constant feeling of forgetting something. I need to figure out my priorities and to anyone else who might be going through the same, I empathize with you – we need to get our shit together.

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  1. November 2, 2017 @ 10:06 am Mary

    School should be the priority… be involved but not that much.

    -concerned parent


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