Daily Archives: October 19, 2017


Stop Promoting Fake News

We’re living during a time where all the information we could possibly need, or want, is available at our fingertips. Although, there’s a point at which we stop reading for facts and start reading headlines – thinking we’re getting the whole picture when we are not. Last week, President Trump said that the police responding…


Walking with the Dead

Deep green leaves slowly begin to burst with vibrant shades of gold, orange and red. The relentless Charleston heat dulls to a comfortable chill and pumpkin patches, hayrides and corn mazes announce to the world that fall is finally here. Along with the calming scents of cider and the welcoming embrace of oversized sweatshirts comes…


Film Producer Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Film producer Harvey Weinstein’s recent allegations of sexual misconduct have sparked a social media campaign in which women who have experienced sexual assault and harassment tweet #MeToo. The movement was started by Alyssa Milano who tweeted “If you have been sexually harassed or assaulted write Me Too as a reply to this tweet.” The hashtag…

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