Circe’s Grotto: Great for Brunch

The welcoming atmosphere inside Circe’s Grotto (photo courtesy of Marley Lucas).

Living in the city of Charleston means being surrounded by some of the best food in the country. Our city is known for its exquisite and diverse food options. College students live on a budget, but wanting to get a taste of some of the best in Charleston comes with a high price tag. Not to mention and you probably won’t find the best on campus. Money and time are things college students have to be very diligent with, so when a much-needed Sunday brunch calls your name, it’s tempting to spend an arm and a leg at the best brunch places in Charleston. However, after visiting an affordable restaurant right across the street from campus, the game has been changed.

Located in a small house on the corner of Saint Philip St. and Wentworth St., Circe’s Grotto serves sandwiches, paninis, salads and breakfast foods. You may have passed it before on the way to Marty’s or the Jewish Studies Center, not noticing just what the place was. The restaurant houses a small amount of indoor seating, an outdoor patio and most importantly, a kitchen that dishes out mouth-watering food. The menu has options for pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans, making it easy for anyone to get what they want or need.

The “Tommy Special” at Circe’s Grotto (photo courtesy of Marley Lucas).

Freshman at the College Sophie Spiegel said “I get tired of eating at places on campus and wanted to try something new… it was honestly the best sandwich I’ve ever had.” She described the atmosphere as “a cute cafe setting that gave off a cozy environment.” Sophie felt it was affordable for a college budget because “the quality of the food makes it worth the price.” She went on to say she would recommend Circe’s Grotto to College of Charleston students and if she had to pick one thing on the menu it would be the “Tommy Special.”

So next time you are looking for a great atmosphere with killer food for Sunday brunch, check out the delicious options at Circe’s Grotto. 

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