Stop Promoting Fake News

We’re living during a time where all the information we could possibly need, or want, is available at our fingertips. Although, there’s a point at which we stop reading for facts and start reading headlines – thinking we’re getting the whole picture when we are not. Last week, President Trump said that the police responding so quickly, in terms of the Las Vegas Shooting, was a miracle. People only heard or read the miracle part and were horrified that the President would say this about such a tragedy, thinking he was talking about the shooting alone. This is how fake news develops — we can do better than this. 

Stop Seeing What You Want

If you see something that fits your narrative perfectly, whether you’re leaning left or right, you need to take a couple steps back and double check what you just read. Find context, reasoning or even a source that argues that isn’t what was said. It’s rare that something so often fits our narrative the way we want it to but it’s all too common for us to search for things that do. From news regarding Trump’s latest comment to how our war is affecting gas prices, please just take the extra five minutes to search for how what you want to hear could have been taken out of context, see who the source is and double check to make sure it really happened, for it is not going to always fit your narrative.

Using Real News Helps You

When you use fake news in an argument you’re hurting yourself. You undermine the rest of your argument because all the other side is going to hear is the one thing you messed up on. Going back to the original example, the Trump situation, there are so many things you could currently call the President out on – his constant belittling of Puerto Rico, his many sexist comments and actions or his choice of cabinet members like DeVos (someone who is highly unqualified for the position she holds). With so much access to information, it’s not difficult to find facts to backup your views – just look. There’s no excuse for spreading misinformation in the time of the Internet.

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