The Citadel Experiences Mold Infestation

As one of the most profound schools in the state of South Carolina, the Citadel is currently fighting the  growing infestation of mold in the barracks. Although alumnus Jaylin Miller complimented the school with a 10 for cleanliness , this school still struggles with managing this multicellular fungus. In an interview with Aaron Williams*, a junior cadet at the Citadel, he stated that he first found out about the mold when one of his friends saw it in their room, and when asked how long it had been there, the cadets replied a couple of weeks. Cadet Williams also explained that the mold in the rooms weren’t a problem until it began to grow and that’s when health officials and higher authority got involved.

Like most incidents at college campuses, the college will notify the students with information regarding the next steps; however, The Citadel  did not notify the students and Cadet Williams also added that while they’re fumigating targeted rooms, some cadets are still living in the moldy rooms.

When asked if anyone had been affected health wise, Cadet Williams was not sure, stating that that on a scale of one to 10 with ten being the most prevalent topics in conversation, this issue fell at a three

Cadet Williams added that one cadet’s room became highly infested, prohibiting him from living there. When asked was he given another barrack, Cadet Williams said, “No he just had to sleep on another cadet’s floor for a couple of days with no incentive.”

According to The Post and Courier, the vice president of communications and marketing, at the Citadel, Col. John Dorrian said,  Unfortunately, mold issues are prevalent across the Lowcountry this fall due to the excessive heat, rain and humidity.”  The Citadel has placed dehumidifiers in 230 rooms and will soon install 270 more. The college has also hired a cleaning contractor “to supplement efforts to remove mold from surfaces,” Dorrian said, in addition to contractors who regularly clean and maintain air conditioning systems.

Mold is also common at the College of Charleston, recently two College Lodge residents had to move to another residence hall due to the growing infestation.  This is a growing infestation in the low country, and many Charlestonians battle with this common fungus. According to the CDC, “if you see or smell mold, there is potential health risk and you should hire a professional mold detection company, like AdvantaClean, for cleanup and removal.

*name was substituted due to privacy concerns

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