Life of an Introvert

It’s a Saturday night. Last minute, you decide that you would rather stay in your pajamas and finally finish the book that has sat on your desk for the past couple weeks instead of going out with a few of your friends. You put on your most comfortable pair of fuzzy pants, a big worn out sweatshirt and grab the book. You cozy up on your small twin bed and flip to the page you were last on. You breathe in that smell only a book can create, and fill your lungs with peace and relaxation. You wouldn’t trade this night for the world. It may even be better than Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream or driving around with your best friend while the music is blasting from the stereo and your hair is blowing everywhere, but it’s a close call.

My TBR pile keeps growing, but I’m okay with this. (Michelle Nannarone)

This is the life of an introvert. But sometimes, I question why I am like this. I see my friends living it up in Charleston and hopping from bar to bar and question why I decided to stay in rather than going out with them. I scroll through social media and see all these people having the time of their lives, while I am here, sitting in my room, reading my way through my TBR pile or watching Super Girl on Netflix.

But then I force myself to stop these thoughts before they get any further. I am an introvert. I’ve always been an introvert, and I’ve always been okay with this. Ever since I was a child, and both my sisters left for college, I was forced to do things on my own and start becoming my own person rather than hiding behind them. As time progressed though, I realized I actually enjoyed my alone time and preferred to do things alone, or stay in rather than going out like everyone else my age did. I found that I am most content when I am alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and the few close friends that I have, but being alone and doing things alone is how I recharge myself. So why was I getting all upset over deciding to stay in rather than going out and partying?

What I typically like to do. (Michelle Nannarone)

The way I look at it is, if deep down I would rather read a book and get lost in another world rather than going out, then I will. Because in the long run, doing what I actually want to do will benefit me more than going against myself and being miserable. I’ve learned to be okay with how I am and how I prefer to have a mellow and relaxing night with just myself or a few of my close friends. Listening to yourself is definitely one of the most important things you could ever do.

So, the next time your friends ask you to go out, but you’d rather stay in, grab that book on your nightstand, put on your most comfortable lazy outfit, and start reading.

Welcome to the life of an introvert.

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