Blind Pilot: A Band for Every Mood

With a folk indie pop sound, Blind Pilot is a band that will capture the hearts of all types of people. I first came across the band when they came up on my release radar playlist on Spotify. I was immediately hooked on their sound, and added all three of their albums to my library. I am a person who likes for music to be playing always, at all times. The great thing about Blind Pilot is while they stay true to their roots and sound, the songs and albums differ enough that there is a little something for every mood. There is something honest and subtle about their sound that keeps people coming back for more. Here are just a few examples of ideal listening situations for Blind Pilot:

Lying in Bed on a Rainy Day Watching Raindrops Hit the Window

Everybody needs a day to just hide out in their bedroom and be sullen for a while. Personally, I find taking time to myself and sitting in a pool of my own angst to recharge my soul. “Poor Boy” is one of many ideal Blind Pilot songs to pretend you are in a music video to. The acoustic guitar combined with the steady lyrics and drum beat are my ideal elements to achieve maximum sulkiness.

Skincare on a Sunday Morning

I fully believe that having a skincare routine makes for a happier person. There is something about exfoliating and unclogging my pores that makes me feel like a brand new woman. No skincare treatment would be complete without a low-key playlist to accompany it. “Always” puts me right in the mood to slap a sheet mask on my face and detox my skin of all the impurities. I think perhaps it’s the faint xylophone in the background that makes me want to start a self care regimen, but the song as a whole completes the feeling.

Doing Artwork in the Evening

Bass guitar is one thing that always gets my creative juices flowing. One chord in, and I am already reaching for watercolors and sketchpad. That’s why “I Know” is such a perfect song to throw on in the evening when you need to crank out some artwork. The bass gives it a groovy edge while the upbeat melody and piano keeps it light and happy. These are all of the parts I find perfect when I am looking for inspiration for a new piece.

Finally Cleaning the Dorm for the First Time in Three Weeks

Life gets the better of us sometimes. If you’re like me, then it gets the better of you A LOT of the time. Between work, homework, and extracurricular activities, the junk in the dorm room starts to pile up. The dirty clothes basket is overflowing, my bed is perpetually unmade, and last month’s Sephora bag is still in the trash can. The best thing I can do to get in the cleaning mood is wait until nobody is left in the room and get some music going. “We Are the Tide” has the right balance of upbeat and low-key to make me get the laundry started.

Driving Through the Mountains With Your Windows Down

Going for a hike in the mountains in May is one of the best things for a healthy soul. Before the weather gets too hot and right when the flora is reaching it’s full potential, conditions are excellent for a weekend excursion. Arguably my favorite part of hiking trips is letting the windows down and blaring music while weaving down the curves of the mountain roads. Blind Pilot offers several great songs for jamming, but the best one for the job in my opinion is “Packed Powder.” Upbeat + Acoustic + Harmonies = A happy soul

Sitting on Your Bedroom Floor Looking For Hope

Much like those days that we need to lie in bed and be sullen, we all have our days where we get really knocked down. Stress is at an all time high, there are deadlines everywhere, and the world seems to be falling apart completely. You find yourself in the floor looking for a reason to not crawl under your bed and hibernate for six months. Well we all have our own ways of picking ourselves up off the floor, but “Don’t Doubt” is one song that will help offer some inspiration to get started. The melody builds in the subtlest of ways and pairs itself with sweet vocals and lyrics for lifting the spirits.

At a Blind Pilot Concert!

What better place could there be to jam out to Blind Pilot than at their concert? I for one won’t be missing it. The band will be at The Pour House on James Island here in Charleston this Sunday. The show starts at 8:30 with Charlie Cunningham as the opener. With three studio albums and songs for every mood, it is sure to be a great show. Get your friends together and get out to The Pour House. Tickets are available here:



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