“Must have been Daddy’s Beemer”: An interview

Brady Sklar, Luke Waldrop, Wesley Heaton, and Dan Fetterolf met while working as DJs for Clemson University’s WSPF radio station. They had known of each other and met at various parties, but it wasn’t until Heaton decided to start a band and reached out to Sklar, Waldrop, and Fetterolf, that they became the slack rock band now known as Daddy’s Beemer. The band recently celebrated their one year anniversary, on October 22. They played their first gig with popular Charleston band Hot Showers on November 3, 2016.

Something that Daddy’s Beemer is very proud of is their substantial social media presence. Their instagram (@dadsbeem) is loaded with photos of friends and supporters of the band posing in front of various cars. They keep their instagram story updated regularly as well. For the most part, they view their music as something to have fun with and try not to stress out about it too much. “Our songs and subject matter are pretty serious, but we don’t [take it too seriously],” said lead singer Sklar.

The band chose its name after a late night of playing Grand Theft Auto 5. After stealing a car from a woman in the game, Heaton made the joke that it “must have been daddy’s beemer,” and they all agreed to make that the name of the band.

Heaton and Fetterolf were both raised in musical families. Heaton’s mom plays piano and sings, and he was bitten by the musical bug himself when he picked up a bass in fifth grade. He also did band through middle and high school, and has been playing music ever since. Sklar doesn’t come from a musical family, but he discovered as a kid — listening to 90’s rock and 70’s folk singers that his parents would play — that he had a knack for music and decided to pursue it. Waldrop played viola in middle school, but wasn’t very taken with it. Eventually he picked up a guitar and realized it was better suited for him and has never looked back. Fetterolf was also raised in a musical family and has been playing piano since first grade.

Daddy’s Beemer is a part of a musical collective located in Clemson that call themselves the Pablo Generation. They are a group of different bands and musical projects that was founded as a way of trying to create a bigger and more culturally appropriate music scene in Clemson for the younger generations, where musicians felt it was lacking. It is based at, and named after, one of the best local venues Clemson has to offer: the Pablo. Other bands and acts from the Pablo Generation include Prozac Dreams, Apricot Blush, J. S. Terry, Tom Angst, and Wallpaper.

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