Why Prints Books are Better than eBooks

There’s something special about holding a book in your hands – in that fresh and crisp scent only a paperback book can create. There’s a feeling you get each time you turn the page and lose yourself in the words; it becomes completely satisfying to let go and forget about reality for a little while. You instead get to imagine yourself in another world. Nothing beats having the book within your grasp rather than holding a nook or kindle and reading the eBook version instead.

When I was a child, I used to hate reading with every fiber of my being. I would only read if I was forced to in school, and would find myself completely dreading it. Most of the time, I would only skim the book, use spark notes and pretend I read it, when in reality I barely even opened it. Then, when my mom used to take my sisters and I into Barnes & Noble, my sisters would go off and each return with 3 books in tow – while I waited up front impatiently.

But of course, like always, I soon found myself feeling the opposite way I used to. It was when I went on vacation the summer before my junior year of high school with my parents and not my sisters that I found myself picking up one of my mom’s books. In one whole sitting, I finished Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. Then I grabbed and devoured the other three she brought with her, and thus begun a love affair with reading. It was during this time that I found something that I was completely smitten with and would forever be, and knew I would one day make a career of it.

Thanks to my sister Rebecca for snapping me in my prime. (Michelle Nannarone)

Just because I fell in love with reading books does not mean I fell in love with reading the eBook version of it. For some reason, I could not get behind reading on an electronic device. It just did not hit me the same way it did when I held The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood or Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte in my hands. These books are such classics that they cannot be read online. It’s more magical to hold them in your hands. I felt like I wasn’t obtaining the information either, and instead felt like I was transported back during my younger days when I would skim the book instead. It became less pleasurable, and I found myself not enjoying reading like I used to.

So now, I try and stay away from reading eBooks on a nook or a kindle. Instead, I go to second hand shops and load up on the two-dollar books. I spend hours and hours in any bookstore I can find and spend each paycheck on books. Nothing in this world beats holding a book in your hands. There is just something magical about it, and I hope you find pleasure in it as well.

Next time, instead of picking up your phone and scrolling through social media, go to a local bookstore, pick up a book instead of staring at a screen for any longer and get lost in another world.

Sea Bright, New Jersey. (Michelle Nannarone)


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