Brett Young and Carly Pearce at the Music Farm

Music has the ability to heal. With every song that an artist releases there are people who connect with the lyrics and can relate the song to their own personal experiences. Both Brett Young and Carly Pearce are artists who realize the connection they have with their listeners and use this to create songs that help aid in the healing process. While playing at Music Farm these artists validated what listeners already knew to be true — that the fundamental reason they make music is to connect with their audience.

Brett Young topped the charts in the beginning of 2017 with his first two singles “Sleep Without You” and “In Case You Didn’t Know” which are both co-written by Young along with Justin Ebach, Kelly Archer, Trent Tomlinson, Tyler Reeve, and Kylie Schlienger. These songs are love songs: “In Case You Didn’t Know” was used in many weddings over the summer of 2017, making it a song that, for some couples, will be remembered for a lifetime. When performing this song live Brett Young dedicated it to someone in the audience whose wife passed away after having “In Case You Didn’t Know” played at their wedding. Young stated that this song held even more sentimental value to this audience member and hoped that his music could help him cope with the loss of his wife. Also featured on Young’s self titled album is a song called “Beautiful Believer” which he also co-wrote. This song was not written about Young’s personal experience but rather takes on the story of another country singer, David Nail. Young explained that when he started off in Nashville he watched Nail accept an award for his song “Whatever She’s Got” in which he gave all of the credit to his wife, who he called his “beautiful believer.” “Beautiful Believer” is a song about strength and persistence in the face of adversity, giving hope to all of it’s listeners.

Carly Pearce is a fairly unheard of name within Country music. Her first album, entitled Every Little Thing, was released just recently on October 3, 2017. This album includes Pearce’s only single, “Every Little Thing,” which is a heartfelt post break up song that can be heard on Country Radio, peaking at number three on Billboard’s US Country Airplay. Before performing the song live, Pearce explained that she has gotten an overwhelming reaction from her listeners who say that this song as aided them in getting through a breakup. The lyrics of “Every Little Thing” can resonate with anyone who is suffering from heartbreak. The way that Pearce was able to be so vulnerable in the song makes it relatable and gives it the ability to make the listener feel like they are not the only person in the world that has been heart broken.

After Carly Pearce opened for Brett Young she allowed fans to meet her at the merchandise table in the back of Music Farm. This was not an opportunity that I could give up. While walking up to her I began to try to organize my thoughts and figure out how I could possibly tell a person who has affected my life so much that I am grateful for them and their music. I wanted to explain to her that I had stayed up for nights crying to this song. I also wanted to explain that this song helped me push through my breakup after a three year relationship. There was nothing that I could possibly say to her that could expressed how I really felt, but I had to try. She thanked me for telling her my story, and told me that this is the reason that she makes music, so that she can have an effect on people’s lives. I truly believe that music has the ability to heal. Brett Young and Carly Pearce are two artists that realize this fact and they do everything they can to connect their listeners.

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