The Harbinger Café’s Cozy Embrace of Charleston

The Harbinger welcomes visitors with a rich green exterior and an elegant scripted “H.” (Photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

Coffee. Maybe the word elicits a fast heart rate and a racing mind. Maybe it reminds you of a smell so rich it consumes the rest of the air around it. Or maybe it sounds like comfort and warmth on a cold Charleston winter day. Coffee plays a different role in everyone’s life. It can be a staying-up-late drink, a wake-me-up drink, a pick-me-up drink or a talking-for-hours drink. You can drink it on the go, in the morning, late at night — in a car, in a living room or in a coffee shop. Coffee takes on the form that you need it to be. For the drink from a mug somewhere warm and cozy type of people, coffee shops are the ideal, for relaxing, studying or exploring. Charleston is full of them, each one taking on a different persona to suit the clientele that can’t resist those delicious drinks along with the welcoming atmosphere.

A little too far down King Street lies a quaint green house with a royal blue awning and a blue circular sign inscripted with a cursive “H.”  A small sign that says “Café Open” hangs below the awning, inviting people inside. Inside the house, shades of white and cream brighten the area, complimented by green plants and a textured cream wall. Beyond the barista bar, little tables and shelves complete with books, plants and antique looking plates line a hallway. A ladder holds old newspapers. An open space with a pink and glass tile wall add to the space’s character. Encompassing a Northeastern feel with a whole lot of love put into it, the small green building defined by the cursive “H” is called The Harbinger.

Coffee and a chia seed cereal bar (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

The Harbinger is unlike any other coffee shop in Charleston. It provides a cozy embrace for everyone who steps through the doors. Looking at the cold, vacant lots on either side, the magic found inside is undetectable until you are actually inside. Pale pink intermixed with the white and cream pulls together a comfortable, picture-perfect setting to sit back and relax with a warm cup of coffee. Each of their mugs have their own character as well — nothing about The Harbinger is cliché. All the way down to the dim lighting, this coffee shop encompasses cozy with its every detail. On top of the picturesque atmosphere, an extensive list of drinks provides for an altogether wonderful coffee experience.

Some of The Harbinger’s unique decorations (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

While The Harbinger attracts clientele of all kinds, there is something about the space that makes you want to take a deep breath, sit back and relax. Some spend their time typing a mile a minute on laptops, but most just sit and talk or read. The space calls for relaxation — it is a classic example of a meeting place for old friends to sit down and talk for hours. An extensive café menu, the warm embrace of the aroma of coffee beans and the scenery deserving of a photoshoot pull together a unique space sure to entice any coffee shop fanatic.

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