Freshman Voice: The Freakin’ Feels

Hi, my name is Shannon Murray and I have a serious case of the feels.

The symptoms:

   Listening to Coldplay’s Yellow on repeat

   Smiling at the thought of a guy you’ve barely talked to

   Getting that ooey-gooey feeling in the way back of your stomach

   Chronic or Mild desire for a good hug

   Serious concentration drift when attempting to do homework

   Making scenarios in your head about that guy in Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes, thinking how lucky you are to see him three days a week

   Listening to the Warm Fuzzy Feelings playlist on Spotify

   Planning out the conversations with you and the guy in your project group

Contact a physician if you have any of these thoughts:

   “Dammit Ed Sheeran you’ve done it again.”

   “Do you think he likes shagging? Do you think I should ask him?”

   “What will he look like in a wedding tux?”

   “If I’m Nancy from Stranger Things, then where is my dang Jonathan?!”

   “My airway has significantly gotten smaller. Is this normal?”

   “I really want a good morning and goodnight text.”

   “Do you think dorm room beds are apt for cuddling?”

Sometimes I do love makeup more than food. (Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)

I have turned into every Pinterest quote and every relatable tweet. I have become a girl (gasp!). No, I don’t mean anatomically a female – I mean a girl. A true period-having, pink-loving, emotions-feeling, boyfriend-wanting girly girl – and I’m not afraid to say it. I AM A GIRL AND SOMETIMES I LIKE FEELING SAD AND WANTING A BOY IN MY LIFE. Phew that felt good to say!

And if I’m really honest… I think I really like it. Although, I do understand that the whole idea is pathetic. In today’s modern feminist era, girls are almost supposed to reject the social norms and be themselves, but what if being a girly-girl is what I want sometimes? By this I mean spending the nights in your room painting your nails and listening to acoustic love songs. For me, these feeling surface about every six months or so.

If you’re a guy reading this and don’t quite understand the feeling, here are some analogies

   It’s like eating the most phenomenally seasoned and grilled steak

   Like your whole body is a big smile

   Like your most confident feeling day bottled into an hour

If I want to feel like a butterfly-rainbow-cotton candy loving girl, I feel like I have the right to! I have boobs, a period and I like the color pink sometimes and today I want a boyfriend! Suck it society!

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