Bad and Boozy: The Booze Pops Story

Popsicles and booze – a combination of nostalgia and adult stress relief harnessed by Woody Norris, the founder and owner of Booze Pops.

Norris began his business after returning to the Lowcountry from military service. “I saw an alcohol popsicle at a party and I thought, ‘Can I turn this into a business?’” He had no idea that Booze Pops would become the local sensation it is today. Norris, who has been sober for two years, has never tried his own product. Instead, he lets the customers test out new flavors. “The ones they like are the ones we keep,” he said.

In the early stages of the business, Norris tried his best to make Booze Pops legal. “I went to the city attorney for three months,” he said. “I found a loophole. Well, not a loophole: a law they didn’t like.” Booze Pops avoids the open-container ban by technically being considered food.

Norris’s menu is chockful of options and completely vegan. The most popular flavor is Mango, which is only 100 calories and contains 15 percent alcohol. He also offers wine pops, which are only 75 calories. “It’s a glass of wine on a stick; it’s great. People love it,” said Norris. The best-seller is Strawberry Daiquiri. A key part of Norris’s business is making sure no one underage purchases the pops. “We I.D. everybody,” he said.

Norris’s mission statement for the business reads “Bringing communities together, one Booze Pop at a time.” Booze Pops is more than just an attraction – it’s a local and veteran owned business with a goal. Booze Pops has created 25 jobs since its opening, and is always hiring. “People make their own schedules, it’s very flexible. [My employees] love it.”

Booze Pops will soon extend beyond the boundaries of the peninsula. Norris plans to take his truck up to Clemson and Carolina games to get in on the tailgating. Norris also plans to expand and franchise his business. “I want to have locations in Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, everywhere,” he said. “Hopefully by spring.”


*This article originally appeared in the November 2017 issue of The Yard.

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Hannah Kinard a Senior, Political Science major is native to Charleston. Hannah is a staff writer for CisternYard, and also the frontwoman of local band, StolenArt.

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