Charleston Growing Pains

Professors, staff, students, and residents alike mention it dozens of times every semester; the traffic in Charleston is horrible. Every morning the commute into Charleston provokes stress and anger. This problem is not new. For decades, the Charleston area has been hearing comments along the lines of “We need a rapid transit system” or “These roads are horrible!” With no end to the traffic in sight, and the continued growth of the Charleston area, we are looking at a pressing issue that must be solved. One course of action would be to create a better transit system. The current bus system is not reliable and causes headaches for many commuters. This raises the question of what the solution is. Expanded roads? An improved bus system? A completely different transit system altogether? The question remains a tough one to answer, and the citizens of the Charleston area feel that difficulty.

Over the past few years lane expansions have made getting from point A to point B a little easier, but with the continued population growth, this temporary relief won’t last too long.

Wrecks, spills and car stalls slow us down on a daily basis, but wait, there’s more. Aside from the instant results of our infrastructure crisis, there is one serious problem that we are facing – the future, the scary unknown.  If we don’t make a decision soon, we will be looking at the crisis larger than we can imagine.

We want to see our officials step up and take action against the growing infrastructure challenges. As a community, we need to recognize that we only have so much time before we find ourselves in the midst of a transportation crisis. The big question we have to answer is very clear. How are we going to pay for this? This is the hardest part of the battle. What can we, the citizens of Charleston, agree on? Even with this pressing question, one motivator rises above to make the effort worth it. We could have roads that work, public transit that could be reliable and infrastructure that could be safe and easy to navigate. Just think of the possibilities!

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