Judith’s Most Anticipated Reads of 2018: Sky in the Deep

There is a Viking’s tale, spun from the web of the Norse world, that appeals to anyone looking for something different from the typical fantasy novel droll. The name of that tale is “Sky in the Deep” by Adrienne Young.  It is the story of a brutal, yet soft woman born into a life of rivalry; her life of training to kill and the constant trial of survival. Eelyn, the main character, knows what it is like to fight that battle but still lose. She lost her brother on the battlefield, only to see he had not died but switched sides.

The sting of betrayal leaves its mark as she is lead to a stint of captivity in the home of her most hated enemy. Eelyn is surrounded by hatred that affects her both emotionally and physically. She must live in the home, like a slave, with the people she grew up slaughtering. The test of loyalty and trust is the true battle that Eelyn must face. It is a story that captivates and terrifies – an action-packed and blood-filled story that does not let the reader go until the last page.

It is something new and incredibly addicting – not a typical fantasy world of kings and queens, none of that romance schmuck that somehow keeps recreating itself in the genre of Young Adult. Young’s writing is fulfilling because it isn’t predictable. The novel contains a refreshing plot and fascinating character arcs.

The evolution of the characters throughout the story is comprehensively satisfying. Eelyn, heartbroken, learns how to turn hate into absolution. Her brother, “the betrayer,” learns how to forgive. A tricky man named Fiske steals the spotlight of the audience’s romance driven minds. These characters are meticulously built in a way that gives the story strength.

Eelyn is the narrator of the story who gives the audience a front-row seat into her mind. She propels the story through her experiences and her quest to achieve some sort of happiness. She is a character that will forever remain as a favorite amongst the female heroines who march their way into the Young Adult world. Her character will become the powerhouse of what a strong, powerful woman can look like in books without any sort of supernatural assistance.

Young produces enthralling writing through her use of language. The pain that Eelyn feels is transmitted to the audience in such a way that it can be physically felt. The climaxes are written in a way that throws the reader into the book and allows them to feel what is truly happening.

The story is a relatable tale everyone has experienced or may experience in their life. It is a story of the new and the old that leaves the reader begging for more.

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