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Snow in Charleston: A Northerner’s Perspective

With the beginning of the New Year, and the chance of snow in Charleston on the horizon, people from down South jumped up and down at the prospect of snow, while the Northerners who stayed during break laughed at the excitement and terror 5 inches of snow brought to Charleston.

Snow to me is like humidity to Southerners. I’ve lived in New Jersey all my life and every winter have had my fair share of shoveling out my driveway and sidewalk. I’ve experienced 15 inches of snow and school being cancelled for 4 days straight. I’ve trained for a half marathon in the snow while jumping over ice patches. I’ve had to walk my dog in snow that came up to my hips. For as long as I can remember, dealing with snow has always been something I’m good at. It’s always been something I am used to. When coming to Charleston, I expected to escape from the snow and the cold.

So when the mention of snow in Charleston happened, and Southerners started to panic with not knowing what to do, I laughed. I know, how mean of me. But, to me, 5 inches of snow is nothing. After I laughed it off, I realized snow in Charleston is completely rare. Charleston is known for its beautiful sights, beaches and weather without them being snow covered. So when it snows here, of course people will freak out.

Even after I laughed about the minimal snow, I was amazed at how beautiful it looked in Charleston. I always thought Charleston was beautiful without snow, but when I scrolled through Instagram and saw the photos, I was speechless with how beautiful it actually was. I was sitting under two blankets back in New Jersey watching the snow fall when I saw the photos from Charleston. To this day, a month later, the pictures still make me speechless.

From now on, I can’t say that Southerners don’t know what snow is like. I’m proud of all my Southern friends who finally had the opportunity to experience it. Yes, it’s true – snow is magical – watching it fall, and staying warm inside with a cup of hot chocolate, but snow in Charleston is the true magic.

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