South Carolina reacts to Trump’s past year in the White House

President Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union Address on Jan. 30, 2018. Republicans and Democrats gathered in the Capitol building awaiting what President Trump would have to say about the last year, while millions sat at home doing the same. The state of South Carolina released their own opinions and reactions to the past year of the Trump presidency.

In an article published by Live 5 News, they cover the opinions that were released by politicians in South Carolina, such as Brady Quirk-Garvan, chair of the Charleston County Democratic Party as well as Larry Kobrovsky, the chair of the Charleston County Republican Party. Both of these political parties share in a common opinion, which is that there needs to be cooperation from both parties with one another.

“One of the things that we’d all like to see moving forward into the next year is to see a little more bipartisanship and see President Trump really try and work with Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate,” Brady Quirk-Garvan stated.

Larry Kobrovsky believes in Trump and his ability to follow through with policy. “We believe companies will come home and invest more in businesses and create more jobs and hence more income and higher wages for people,” Kobrovsky stated.

According to the Charleston County Democratic Party they would like to see more protection for those who constitute as Dreamers-individuals that were brought over illegally as children. They want to ensure that these individuals, who contribute so much to America, whether through military service, becoming an educated member of society, or working hard for their future, can live here freely and know that they are safe.

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