What it Means to Have a Sister

My little sister was born two years after me, so for most of my life I have grown up with a built in best friend. I really lucked out – my little sister is one of the greatest people in my life. I completely adore her: her strength, heart and overall outlook on life. But being a big sister comes with certain responsibilities.

I’m constantly stressed to make sure that I am being a good mentor, giving the right advice and saying the right things at the right times. Though I have realized with time that having a little sister means much more than just being a good role model for her. Sisters have an indescribable bond, and having that connection with my sister makes life so much better.

To me, having a little sister means having a permanent karaoke partner. My sister and I have somewhat different music tastes, but there is a core group of songs, whether it be from Hannah Montana, Beyonce or even the cast of Hamilton, that we can always jam out to.

Having a little sister means wanting to take out anyone that hurts her. Okay, not literally, but do not expect to be on my good side if you upset her. Having a little sister means that advice is going to be brutally honest, even when you may not want it to be. At this point in our lives, my sister and I tell each other everything for how it is. Having a little sister means that my job is to make sure that she knows how beautiful she is both inside and out. I know that everyone falls victim to comparing themselves to someone else or feeling self conscious about a particular feature, but I never want to see my sister trade her style or looks to fit a standard. But most importantly, having a sister means that you are never truly alone. She has been and always will be my person.

Sometimes having a sister is not always easy. All sisters disagree, argue and fight. I mean, my sister and I definitely do. And when we do fight, it is usually super intense. Fighting with a sister is so much different from fighting with a friend. Usually we walk away from each over for five minutes and then are suddenly back laughing at some post on Twitter or talking about our days. And I have learned with time that my sister and I are bound to disagree on some things, and that is okay too.

But at the end of the day, I could never imagine living life without my sister. She has been there for all of my lowest lows, breakups and friend drama ready to spend the night watching “About Time” and eating Ben and Jerry’s. But she has also been there to cheer me on and to celebrate the highs in life and all the milestones we accomplish. Today, I am a much happier, prouder, stronger and more confident person because of her. Whether older or younger, go hug your sister and tell her how much she means to you because there is truly nothing like having a sister right by your side.

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