Husk: A Culinary Experience

Husk’s gorgeous Charlestonian exterior (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

A beautiful historic home on Queen Street is home to one of Charleston’s most talked about restaurants. Reservations are made months in advance just for a taste of the culinary genius that comes with a dining experience at Husk.

Every ingredient used in Husk’s kitchen comes from the South. Because the menu changes daily, chefs have ensured the freshest ingredients are infused into each meal.

Husk’s Chef Sean Brock is an artist. By pulling together Southern ingredients most have never heard of, he creates decadent dishes that will immediately make your mouth water.

Dining at Husk isn’t just a good meal – it’s an artistic, culinary experience. Every plate mixes a strategic amount of ingredients to gratify every palate; almost like a science experiment that needs just the right amount of each substance in order to succeed. All the ingredients work together to burst with flavors that are both comforting and extremely satisfying.

Arugula salad (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

To start, the arugula, Florida strawberry, spiced peanut, Clemson blue cheese, Vandalia salad with a preserved peach dressing is the perfect way to go. The light sweet dressing balances out the bitterness of the arugula and strawberries. Spiced peanuts and blue cheese concoct a satisfying texture and mind-blowing taste.

The Carolina Heritage Pork is potentially the most unique dish on the menu, not to mention an incredibly delicious one. Pork shoulder cooked for 24-hours can be cut with a fork, melting like butter in your mouth at every bite. Pit Smoked Butterbeans, Ambrose Farms mustard greens, spring onion and ham hock pull together the dish. While most of the ingredients are a mystery to one uneducated in food, they held delicate yet intense flavor in every bite.

Carolina Heritage Pork (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

Fingerling potatoes with sweet onion, brassica leaves and blue cheese fondue make for a rich, decadent side to share.

A spongey sorghum cake with grapefruit sorbet, rosemary mascarpone and preserved blackberry provided an artistic, palate-cleansing dessert. Refreshing mouthfuls finished the dining experience off flawlessly.

Sorghum Cake (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

The hype surrounding Husk is well-warranted. It is not a place for the picky-eater, but a foodie fulfills their dreams at Husk.

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