S.C. Legislature introduces parody marriage bill

“The Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act” was introduced on the South Carolina House of Representatives floor on Thursday, Feb. 15. The bill aims to designate “marriages” from “parody-marriages.” According to Greenville News and The Charleston City Paper, the bill stipulates that “marriage” is a union between man and woman and “parody-marriage” is a partnership of components other than a man and a woman.

The  Charleston City Paper reports that the Bill was authored by six upstate Republicans: Steven W. Long, William M. Chumley and Josiah Magnuson of Spartanburg; James M. Burns of Greenville, John R. McCravey, III of Greenwood and Richard Martin of Newberry.

Chris Sevier, who filed a federal lawsuit against Mississippi for failing to recognize his marriage with a computer, to convey his perception of fake, non-straight marriages also co-wrote the bill. Sevier authored a similar bill in Wyoming, and threatened a similar lawsuit against South Carolina, the Charleston City Paper reports.

Sevier spoke to WJTV in Jackson, Miss. notably saying that, “Gay marriage is not secular. It’s controversial. It’s questionably real. It’s questionably moral.”

The President of SC Pride, John March, responded to the bill, “Pure prejudice is what that is. Pure outright prejudice” wach.com reports.  

Rep. Steven Long appeared to be unaware provocative and homophobic undertones expressed in call with The Charleston City Paper:

“Marriage between one and and one woman — natural and non-controversial — arrives out of the nature of things, h.aasdknasdknmasde said. “It is not something that is exclusively religious. There are several religions that promote and support that, but this bill doesn’t have any kind of religious motive to it.”

“The state of South Carolina can’t have policies that put religion over non-religion, and that includes the religions of secular humanism, moral relativism and atheism, which the courts have determined to be considered religions under the establishment clause,” Rep. Long explained to the Charleston City Paper.

Though the Supreme Court ruled that Secular Humanism and other atheist religions as religions in Torcaso V. Watkins, “nobody, really, within the Secular Humanist community thinks of it as a religion, some of us would say atheism is a religion like baldness is a hair color,” Herb Silverman, a math Professor at the College told  Charleston City Paper.  

Silverman also told the Charleston City Paper that the non-religion is religion thesis used by the religious right is a common tactic to stir up controversy.

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