Mystery Meat: Comedy with a Twist

Jordan Edwards takes the stage (photo courtesy of Judith Arendall)

Mystery Meat is a mixture of ignorance, comedy, nonsense and rap. The concept is foreign, but the outcome is worth every second.

Picture a compact, rustic theater. Red, yellow and blue splatter the backdrop, bulb string lights hang from the ceiling. Orangey red, beaten-down leather seats wait for an audience. The ambiance is picture perfect for a show – all that’s needed is the performers.

Comedy is subjective to the audience. Not everyone thinks the same things are funny and it’s up to the comedians and their delivery to make it work for everyone. Jordan Edwards and Josh Christian took a risk in putting together a sort of patchwork comedy show, filled with a mixture of sketch comedy and rap.

Luckily, they made it work.

The audience files into Theater 99 (photo courtesy of Judith Arendall)

Somehow, Edwards and Christian manage to flow from sketch comedy to frivolous raps and back into comedy. It’s no secret a lot of work was put into the show, but they make it look easy.

Edwards is the main act, but without Christian, there would be no witty banter or music. Both are vital to the production.

Various alter egos took the stage, changing the scenery and type of comedy every few seconds. The format had the audience on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what was going to take the stage next.

Audience members felt the good vibes as the two bantered back and forth. It was no secret that Edwards and Christian were having fun.

“Drown,” a parody of Kendrick Lamar’s song “Swimming Pools” was a crowd favorite.  Edwards put on water wings, a swim cap and goggles and sang about his fear of drowning.

A promotional poster (photo courtesy of Judith Arendall)

Mystery Meat was a unique, entertaining Friday night experience. It’s the perfect way for college students or employed adults to take a deep breath and laugh their worries away for an hour.

Tickets are cheap and with a bar inside, there’s really nothing more to ask for.

Mystery Meat: The Mixtape Vol. 2 is coming soon, where Edwards and Christian will once again meld together an array of songs and topics that seemingly don’t go together and somehow make them work.


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