Decline of The iPhone

Since 2007, the iPhone has been the dominant smartphone. Sales have consistently been high throughout the years. However, recently things have changed. The newest iPhone, the iPhone X has shown a steep decline in sales. This is the first major drop seen in Apple’s sales since the company began selling the iPhone. Newsweek reports, “Sales of the iPhone X have fallen way below Apple’s expectations, with reports suggesting orders of the flagship device are around 30 million under than original estimates.” This poses a threat to the company. Samsung and other competitors may be looking for an opportunity to gain sales and beat out the reigning leader.
One of the biggest factors may be the cost. iPhones are now selling for $900-1000. Especially the iPhone X which starts at $999 according at Apple’s website and increases to $1,149 for the 256 GB version. This is a high price to pay for a phone in your pocket.. Many are realizing that the cost is simply not worth it. This is even more true because Samsung and other companies have a wide range of prices, while it seems that Apple has a few prices that are all set. As an iPhone user myself, I have noticed the extremely high prices that we are asked to pay. It is not an easy to come up with money. This decrease in sales may be Apple’s sign to wake up.
Apple may have to consider lowering the price of the iPhone to attract buyers. This will be a challenge because new prices require changes. Employees of Apple may see a salary decrease, new initiatives may have smaller budgets. The company as a whole may have to rethink the way that business is conducted. What’s even more concerning is the new technology that is being developed. It cost a lot of money to make the technology easy to use and widely available. Tim Cook stated that the iPhone x will “set the path of technology for the next decade”. This bold statement has to have bold action behind it.
This raises the question that we are all asking, what does the future really hold for Apple? Will the company find a way to keep their consumers satisfied and coming back for more, or will they have big losses? We are the consumers, and we have to make a decision. On top of rising phone prices, the technical life of the phone seems to be affected by age. The Washington released an article in 2017 titled, “Apple will offer discounts on replacement batteries, following lawsuits over iPhone slowdowns.” Rising prices and performance issues continuing to occur, will Apple find itself in the closing chapters of their existence? These lawsuits make the issue even more exemplified. On top of rising prices, our products still face major technical issues. The Article goes on to explain that Apple stands by their statement that they have never altered the usability of the iPhone.


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