LANCO: a Country Band to Watch

The band LANCO (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

Being a fan of country music means two things for certain:

First of all, at every concert, there’s the moment where the artist speaks about playing in bars for a crowd of ten people and having to work their way up to where they are now. Every time, fans let their jaws drop and find themselves amazed and awe-inspired at just how good the band is and how they deserve all the success they have.

Second, country fans are convinced that every concert they go to is the best one they’ve ever been to, and there’s always that one moment where the artist stops singing and lets the audience fill in the blanks.

The stories give audience members chills and the strangers standing nearby turn into best friends as everyone sings the right words in the wrong key, yet somehow in harmony.

LANCO played bars for small groups of people for years and now they’re working their way from Music Farm to large country festivals such as Windy City LakeShake and Country Thunder.

LANCO just might be the best country concert yet, and there was that one moment where they let the crowd sing for them, and without a doubt, is recorded on just about every phone that was in the audience so fans can relive those chills one more time.

LANCO is a country band to watch.

Comprised of five members, LANCO has the classic country sound with a pop twist that produces catchy tunes. Saturday night they brought their talents to Music Farm in Charleston.

Their talent goes far past the clean harmonies and catchy tunes. LANCO writes what they know, how they grew up and they are very aware that they are all people just like everyone else.

Genuine performers with good music and a great sound are the key ingredients to a successful country band and LANCO has what it takes.

Their hit song, “Greatest Love Story” was unsurprisingly the most memorable of the night, but for a surprising reason.

For an encore song, the crowd screamed the name of the tune rather than screaming for the band to come back on stage.

The band onstage at Music Farm (photo courtesy of Grace Samuelson)

As lead singer, Brandon Lancaster, strummed the iconic note to the song, the crowd fell into a trance, singing every word and dancing in unison.

The bridge came along and the audience formed a circle around a man as he got down on one knee.

In the middle of a country concert, at the most romantic part of the couple’s favorite song, he proposed to his girlfriend. She sang along as she said yes, both of them crying and leaning in for a kiss.

The band stood on stage smiling through their words and the audience began to sing louder than ever as the couple danced in the middle of the room.

That is the magic of a country concert. That is the type of moment fans hold onto. That is the carefree, loving spirit country music is all about.

LANCO had what it takes to recreate the moments that happen and should happen at every country concert plus more and they have what it takes to make it in the world of country music.

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