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A Fly on the Wall

A fly on the wall – a people watcher. They can be found in every nook of Charleston, watching and observing. In coffee shops alone, interesting perspectives can be discovered through the eyes of the fly. Moments witnessed can leave hearts touched, or create small chuckles hiding behind hands. Moments can sometimes disappoint, while others…


Under the Surface Under the Skin

Halloween is a time for creepily creative costumes, but no one at the College of Charleston was prepared for the backlash a particularly disturbing costume would receive in 2017. When the boy who donned an orange jumpsuit wrote the name “Freddie Gray” on the back, he thought he was just being funny. However, other people…


Thinking Back to Look Forward

  Charleston is an old city. The streets are paved with a mixture of asphalt and brick. The sidewalks are marked with crooked lines and a variety of gray shades. Chuck has seen a lot: the colonization of America, the Civil War and the Modern Age. The history of Charleston and the College’s own history…


Little Things, Big Meanings

College of Charleston is a hub of unique individuals. Walking down St. Philip Street can feel like a maze of interesting jewelry, funky glasses, shoes and laptop stickers – the real conversation piece of campus. A lot of thought from fellow students goes into choosing these pieces to develop individuality, with typically little care of…

He Said She Said: The Great Divide

There is a common divide in America. Whether it be between political views, genders, race or age, everyone has their own opinions, and thankfully, the freedom to share those opposing views. President James Madison warned that factions can “divide mankind into parties inflamed with mutual animosity rather than unite towards the common good.” While those…

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