Little Things, Big Meanings

College of Charleston is a hub of unique individuals. Walking down St. Philip Street can feel like a maze of interesting jewelry, funky glasses, shoes and laptop stickers – the real conversation piece of campus. A lot of thought from fellow students goes into choosing these pieces to develop individuality, with typically little care of how others will perceive it. Seven students spoke on why their accessories stand out, from stickers to hairstyles, and what they tell about who they are – both in style and in personality.

Hannah Broder:

Year: Junior

Major: Communications with a minor in Astronomy

Photo by Denzel Wright

Interesting accessory: Fibonacci spiral necklace

“So my necklace is basically a reconstruction of what’s known as the fibonacci spiral, golden spiral, or golden ratio, which is a super popular mathematical concept that’s seen a lot in art and architecture but also just nature.”

“I think it’s just a reminder that you can pull beauty from anything because it’s kind of synonymous with beauty we see in humans but also nature as well. It’s a very good conversation piece.”

“It’s a fun reminder from home and a fun reminder from my passions and an interdisciplinary approach to life.”

“I think accessories are very individualized. Someone who knows me knows that I like to stick out or have one part of me be recognizable, because regardless people are going to view you on the way you look, so may as well make it worth your while.”

Photo by Denzel Wright

Angela Downs:

Year: Senior

Major: Communications

Interesting accessory: funky leggings

“They’re so funky and fun, I love them, they stand out, they make me happy.”

“I’m a colorful person, I think they’re unique – I’m unique!”

“I think I love to enjoy life and that comes out in everyday life.”\

“The outfit you wear kind of reflects who you are.”




Photo by Denzel Wright

Dylan Whittaker:

Year: Freshman

Major: Marketing with a minor in Studio Art

Interesting accessory: His skateboard, shoes and lucky hat

“I love my hats. This hat was my first go to. It’s been around the world with me. It’s kind of like a good luck hat. I have another hat that matches these shoes but I can’t wear those on the same day.”

“Accessories show who you are and give people the ability to judge a book by it’s cover.”

“I do 100% what I want. I’m more like, ‘what mood am I in today?’”

Photo by Denzel Wright

Mariah Gehringer:

Year: Sophomore

Major: Arts Management

Interesting accessory: Backpack and laptop stickers

“I like a pop of color and I like it when there’s a solid base and there’s that one unit that stands out. It’s sort of like with my red hair in a crowd and I’m that one thing you can spot. I think I’ve grown up with that intrigue.”

“I feel very comfortable at this school dressing how I want to. I stood out a lot in high school – I was kind of known for it and like my one other friend that would do it with me.”

“I look at people’s laptop stickers and that’s a big tell. I really like to see what people decide to put on their most valuable asset.”

Photo by Denzel Wright

Liza-Marie Kohler:

Year: Senior

Major: Hospitality and Tourism

Interesting accessory: Glasses, laptop case and meaningful water bottle stickers

“I knew the bigger frames were kind of in. I had like the thin half-rimmed ones earlier and I was like, ‘I want to be kind of modern and get the big ones.’ Mom was against it [but] I was like ‘no I like these.’”

“I love the whole idea of minimalism and van life and so I saw this [laptop case] and thought it was super cool. I saw everyone with the stickers on their laptop and i wanted something a little different. This was still personalized but a little different.”

“[Water bottle stickers] wer just a way to start remembering everything, like where I had been and what I’d done. It makes you way more attached to your water bottle than you would think. It’s like memories attached to it.”

“I think it’s cool when I look at other people’s laptops and I see like a hiking sticker or like national park stickers and I’m like ‘cool they’ve been there they’ve done that.’ It’s a good way to express yourself – good conversation starters.”

Photo by Denzel Wright

Catherine Blaschke:

Year: Junior

Major: Special Education

Interesting accessory: Her kid-like colorful bike

“It says that I don’t have a lot of money, I’m a poor college student, but I guess also it’s like kid-like and its bright colors and its girly and that’s all me. I’m pretty much a little kid still.”

Photo by Denzel Wright

Courtney Hicks:

Year: Junior

Major: Communications

Interesting accessory: Hoops and her hair

“Gold hoops are a black woman’s joy and pride. In the black community accessories are our thing. Not only in our community but in any community, women love a good pair of earrings – it just puts your outfit together. I mean look at me, I’m a hot mess, but then you look at these earrings and you’re like ‘she took some time to do something to herself this morning.’”

“You’re never fully dressed without great hair.”

“I follow a celebrity hairstylist, @lovingyourhair.”

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